New Ebook: How to Move from Blogger to WordPress

How to move from blogger to wordpressIf there’s one thing every blogger regrets, it’s that they didn’t move to WordPress sooner.

But many remain on Blogger out of fear.

Fear of screwing up the migration from Blogger to WordPress:

  • What will happen to my pictures in the blog posts? Will all those links be broken?
  • What will happen to my SEO? If my permalinks change I’ll lose all my rankings.
  • How will I redirect visitors from the old blog to the new one?
  • Is managing a self-hosted blog difficult?

These are some common fears. If you’re still on Blogger and you’ve looked into migrating to WordPress, no doubt at least some of these are on your mind.

If you had a well-written guide with everything laid out step-by-step and with lots of screenshots so you wouldn’t miss a thing, you could do it, couldn’t you?

This guide exists.

Go get yours now.

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