New To Headway Extend – Contact Block

We are excited to announce the first 3rd party block from the guys over at Headway Rocket.  This Block is called Contact Block.

With this Block you get contact info, form and map – all rolled into one. This truly versatile block can be used on every Headway site you build!

  • Easy to customize

    Easy to customize.

    Every element in the Contact block can be customized using Headways Inspector tool. We’ve put a lot of thought into ensuring that the block is as customizable as it possibly can be.

  • Easy to configure

    Interactive Map.

    Add a Google Map to your contact page customize the map dimensions, default zoom, marker and marker popup content.

  • Address

    Contact information.

    Want to add your contact information to your contact page? Add your own custom content or HTML, or use the example address code

  • Multipurpose

    Contact form.

    Add a slick contact form to your site with the click of a button! The form requires almost no setup and can be easily be styled to be inline with your sites own branding. Full control over the form labels, error and success messages. Prefer to use a third party form builder like GravityForms? No problem! Just disable the built in form and paste your custom forms code instead.

  • Elements positioning

    Support for other form builders.

    Prefer to use a third party form builder like GravityForms? No problem! Just disable the built in form and paste your custom forms code instead.

  • Easily add features

    Built in email address masking.

    Displaying your email address in plain text on your contact page is asking to get hit by spam bots. We hate spam, so we built in automatic masking of your email address when displayed in the contact block.

  • Easily add features

    Lots of layout combinations.

    Since its so easy to display one or all of the three main elements of the Contact block (contact info, form, map) you can use it for the slick Google Maps on one page, and as a contact form on another – the choice is yours!

  • Built for Headway

    Built for Headway.

    Unlike other WordPress plugins, all of our add-ons are built specifically for Headway, meaning they adhere to Headways strict development standards; are built using Headways block API; and take advantage of Headways compiler to ensure all assets are loaded efficiently.

    Headway Extend

    While you are there, don’t forget to check out all of the Headway Blocks.  The list is growing fast and certainly gives you the power to truly extend your Headway site.  And for those of you wanting to get a quick start on your Headway site, our initial selection of Headway Child Themes is growing fast too.

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