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Fluid Headers & Footers in Headway 3.0

So-called “fluid” headers and footers are quite the rage in web development, aren’t they? So pretty, So shiny, So, so fluid. You want it, and I can’t blame you. I want it too. A future version of Headway will include the ability to create a fluid header and footer more easily without any custom code,… Continue Reading

5 Subtle Ways To Get A Lot More Leads From Your Blog

Most of you small business owners out there want one thing from your blog…more leads. Pure and simple. I get inquiries from you saying you want: More traffic More comments Better search rankings Higher visibility on social media sites etc… After a quick conversation, I find out WHY you want these things. At the end… Continue Reading

How to Save Your WordPress Site from Hosting Hell

Do you know the number one mistake biz owners make when looking for a hosting service for their WordPress blog or website? It’s not taking enough time to find the one that has the services and capabilities to keep their site running in top form. I see it all the time: people who have been… Continue Reading

Creating a "Sticky" Navigation Bar with Headway

PROBLEM: Your navigation is one of the most important parts of your website. It’s how your visitors get from the homepage to other parts of your site! But once they scroll down to read your content, they can’t see the navigation anymore – and darn it, you want them to see it all the time!… Continue Reading

We have liftoff!

Well, it’s been quite a wait, but we’re finally live! We first got the idea for Headway back in late April and we’ve been working hard and have had many late nights working our tails off. After getting tired of doing the same momentous coding on websites, we started thinking about a way we could… Continue Reading

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