Use Pinterest to Drive Massive Traffic to Your Blog

There’s no question that Pinterest is hot and getting hotter. Pinterest can drive huge amounts of traffic to your site… if you use it right. So let’s talk about how to do that. If you haven’t yet heard of Pinterest and want to know more, see my video WTF is Pinterest?

Your Blog Niche Matters

If Pinterest is about one thing, it’s eyecandy. Eyecandy comes in many forms: products, food, clothing, cars, cartoons, redecorated living rooms, beautiful women and more. If your blog is about things—especially things people covet or can purchase—then you can rock it with Pinterest.

However, if your blog is about ideas or services or things which are intangible, then Pinterest is unlikely to send much traffic your way. Anything that can be represented by a visual image, such as design, is good for Pinterest. Your SEO article? Not so much.

Making it Easy for Others to Share Your Content on Pinterest

WordPress plugins abound to make your content “pinnable.” Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Pinterest “Pin It” Button Plugin – This plugin creates a lovely large (or small) Pin It button right inside your posts, usually at the top or bottom of each post. There are a number of display and style options for it you can set.

Slick Social Media Share Buttons – This bad boy gives you all the popular social media sharing buttons in a variety of formats, including a floating vertical sidebar and in-post. And of course it includes Pinterest, that’s why I’m mentioning it. 🙂

Show Off Your Pins On Your Site

In addition to making it easy for others to share your content on Pinterest, you want to gain followers on Pinterest itself by making it easy for others to connect with you on Pinterest. A great way to do that is to dispaly your pins on your site. A number of plugins pull in your Pinterest content and display it in widgets.

Pretty Pinterest Pins – Gives you a few really sharp-looking ways to embed your Pinterest feeds into your site.

Follow Me on Pinterest – Actually, this is the official Pinterest linky-linky page. The follow button is just one thing. You can easily include this in Headway by using a Custom code block or an HTML/Text widget in your Sidebar.

Email Your List

If you have an email list, make sure you let them know about your Pinterest profile and invite them to join Pinterest if they haven’t yet. Still as of this writing, Pinterest membership is free but by invite only. So be generous with inviting your audience to join you on Pinterst. Deeper connections, new connection and more connections are always good for a blogger.

Mention Pinterest in Other Channels

The only way you’re going to be able to “cross-pollinate” effectively between Pinterest, other social sites and your blog is to actively manage it. Remind your followers on other social platforms that you’re now on Pinterest. By what you post on Pinterest you’re reminding people that there’s excellent content on your blog.


Once you’ve created some link love between Pinterest and your site, keep your eye on your analytics. Google Analytics or whatever else you’re using will always tell you where your traffic is coming from. When you start seeing traffic come in from Pinterest, make a note of what specifically it was on Pinterest that was interesting enough for them to want to click through. Whatever is driving traffic, do more of it. Say, for example, you run a food blog and your macro food shots were repinned a lot compared to your presentation pictures showing the entire dish. So, now you know macros are preferable to wider angle shots.

You may not get a huge amount of referral traffic directly from Pinterest itself, but you might get a lot of traffic because you shared your pins on Facebook and people saw it on Facebook, then clicked through. Same with Twitter.

Don’t Get Greedy

Remember the goal of Pinterest is to share what you love with others. If you overdo the self-promotion it will turn off people. Be sure to share content besides your own (really this strategy holds true for any social network). Have pinboards about subjects other than your own work so that you can attract people at the “edges” of your niche.

Is your blog niche favorable to Pinterest? Are you seeing traffic from Pinterest? Try some of these tools and tips and see what kind of improvement you get!

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    • Yes, its works 100% .. recently I have started a blog one month back around. I am getting around 200 visits on daily basis (its very low and basic amount of traffic, traffic will depends on your time spent).

      Really niche matters a lot and unique ideas of images will play big role. Happy Pinning!!!

  1. Pinboarding is a create way to organize content. I am surprised it has taken so long for this to take off. Pinterest has done a great job and their growth over the last several months is a testament to that. I think you will see a lot of people cloning this like what happened with groupon. There are already companies doing pinterest clones like

  2. Great overview Michael.

    I’ve been pinning for a couple of weeks now and impressed with the quality of the material over there.

    I’m told that the pinners are over 90% female, but there are plenty of guys over there.

    Did you include a link to your Pinterest page in the post?

  3. I’m in love with Pinterest. It’s fun and effect which makes it even more fun. This is a wonderfully well written posting as well. Thank you!

  4. I love pinterest alot. Tho it’s hard to get visitors from them. I get some from pinterest. Does it matter how your blogs look as well? I now got a random niche targeted blog with just pictures. Have done nothing more then that.

  5. Get article, I definitely think Pinterest is here to stay, and it is also a great marketing tool, especially for fashion and interior products.

  6. Great article Michael….I love <a href=””>Pinterest theme</a>…Most of the females are using pinterest..Now pinterest is peak in the world..Now pinterest get a more traffic…

  7. You have to be careful when trying to drive traffic to your site using Pinterest, like the article say keep and eye on analytics. I wrote an interesting blog on the subject, discussing the traffic stats:

  8. Great post. Without doubt Pinterest is becoming more influential and its already the third largest social networking website. Pinterest is great  for improving brand awareness.

  9. A great way to encourage sharing on Pinterest or other social media is to put a “Postano” on your site (btw I work for a company that uses Postano). It aggregates all of your social media channels in real time and displays it on your site and allows users to like/share/pin right on the page. It’s pretty awesome for the right situations. Check it out:

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