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Decided to give you all another screencast while my PSD to Headway ones are finishing rendering. This is about a new up and coming plugin called User Submitted Posts that allows you to create a community driven news site.

This is just a simple version of what you can do with the plugin. If there’s enough interest, I’ll do a follow up showing you how to allow the uploading of images.

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  1. so would this plugin allow me to create a custom post with say magic fields plugin, force the user to register and then allow it to submit it?

    • @amsterdamduplex I don’t believe so. At the moment, it looks like this plugin only uses the ‘Post’ post type. You’d probably have to edit the plugin to use your custom post type.

  2. Hi AJ
    Thanks for the tut. I wish you would do a follow up on uploading a image with this plugin. I have been searching and experimenting for weeks to find a plugin that allows guest posting with image uploading. I’ve tried literally 15 plugins and they all fail in one way or the other. And I can’t spring for Gravity Forms at this point. So after your tutorial I decided to give User Submitted Posts a retry. And then I remembered why I abandoned it in the first place. It won’t upload images. It pretends to do so, but in the end, there’s no image displaying.

    Do you know any magic here?

    • I am actually working on a Gravity Forms screencast that shows how I setup Gravity Forms to do the same thing. Headway Gallery uses Gravity Forms to submit a site, and Headway Hub uses it to submit a community article. For $39/year, that’s all you need to get it up and running. If you’re working on a site for a client, there’s no reason you can’t pass the cost on to the client.

      I haven’t used this plugin to upload images, but I’ve heard people don’t have problems with it.

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