3 Workhorse Productivity Tools I Can’t Live Without

Today I wanted to share a few great tools with you that have long been a big help to my productivity. I rarely chase after the shiny new toys that the internet throws around every few days. But I do get asked pretty regularly what tools I love to use every day, and here are three that have had a pretty big effect for me. I’ve learned that many people are not using these and deserve to give them a shot.


You know what sucks about trying to finish a blog post or writing project sometimes? Constant distractions. Incoming email, Facebook updates, software updates, etc. Ommwriter is beautifully simple writing tool that transforms your laptop from a noisy little bitch into the perfect, focused environment you need to get a project finished fast.


I have to admit I’ve been surprised. I used to think everyone knew about Evernote. Shows how much of a bubble I live in sometimes. I mentioned it to several people recently. Only a couple had even heard of it, and no one reported ever using it. I use Evernote to organize all kinds of things. I use it to save websites, articles, ideas, pictures, etc. It’s pretty much the ultimate file and idea organizer for me, because you can put dang near anything into it, and it makes everything really easy to find.


Anyone who runs a website needs an FTP client like Filezilla. This gives you an easy way to load files up to your server, move things around, fix your site when it’s busted, etc. Importantly, you can use it to backup your entire website regularly, and if you’re not doing that you really need to get on the ball 🙂 A really important little guy. Totally easy to use and has always done the job perfectly for me.

It occurred to me that I use all of these suckers nearly every day, they’re all free, and I’ve never had a problem with any of them. Dang…life is good.

Of course my ambition here isn’t to let you in on some secret new thing you’ve never heard of before. I’m much more interested in spending time with stuff that just plain works and gets the job done. I’ve been amazed how many people I’ve talked to who don’t know about these and aren’t taking advantage of them. If you have any tools like that that have just become indispensable to you, that others may not have picked up on, I’d love to hear about them 🙂

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  1. Love Filezilla – can’t believe that it’s free.

    One of the features of Filezilla is that it has a few secure FTP settings.

    Check with your hosting company, which secure FTP they allow and then away you go.

    I use FTP over TLS.

    • @wmwebdes For real. It’s one of those pieces that I can’t believe is free. I’m amazed how many business owners don’t realize how much a good FTP client can do for you. Filezilla works flawlessly for me for years now.

    • @ateegarden Tony do you use it for receipts and contracts, etc? I’ve thought of putting even more in it and using it to literally organize all my business receipts, etc also. You can search keywords printed right on your receipts, making everything SUPER easy to find. Pretty cool.

      • @christiantjr I started using it with my banking and my purchases so that I have emails, from say Amazon, to go straight to a notebook for my write offs. I also had started using an iPhone app called Lemon for scanning receipts and electronically “filing them” however I’ve replaced that with evernote now and it’s iPhone app. (Sinks right up with my desk top or the web version)

        • @ateegarden Cool man. Thanks for the insight. I don’t use the Evernote app but will have to check it out. Lemon reminds me of the ScanBizCards app I use. It scans business cards right into your contacts, which is pretty fun and perfect for conferences, etc.

  2. I use all of these all the time …I adore OmmWriter, Evernote is brilliant … & Filezilla just works 🙂

    • @Bloom_OnlineNZ Right on! Good to run into a few people who know ommwriter. Have to admit, @remarkablogger is the one who introduced it to me a year or so ago. Totally love it! It’s fun how much of a difference a simple tool can make!

  3. I just started using Evernote a few months ago. As an agent, I’m constantly having to multi-task. Evernote’s webclipper that allows you to save an article, just the URL, or the whole page is great for when you stumble across something but just don’t have the time to devote right then!

  4. Christian,

    It’s interesting to see OmmWriter bundled like this with other tools as an example of how they together make your productivity flow nicely. We’re very happy that you’ve found it useful in your writing work.

    FileZilla is a classic. Evernote I’ve heard lots of good things about but never tried. I think you just convinced me to give it a shot.

    Thank you for the mention, and good luck with your work!

    Best regards,


    The OmmWriter Crew

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