Screencast Thursday: Setting up WooCommerce

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  1. i tried using the headway themes. and the changes i make to the layout could not reflect when i click view site…kindly help me how can i go about it.

      • Hi Jamie,
        I just watched this video for woocommerce. I am new to it. My question is: If I want to see the products on the front page as it shows up in WC Shop, do I have to make my front page the Shop page or can I create a block and pull in the content that appears on the WC Shop page? If the latter is possible, how do I do it since it’s not a page?

        Thank you

        • Hi Sofia,

          You’d have to make the Shop page the front page. Unfortunately, with the way WooCommerce handles the conditionals when trying to pull content from the Shop Base page, displaying the Shop page on another layout is not currently possible with Headway (and we’re not sure that it will be possible).

  2. HI Jamie
    I am lookingfor an easy way to style product pages, _ie move images and text, is there a simple way to do this in Headway or do I need another plugin?


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