Screencast Thursday: Working with Shared Layouts

As indicated in the video, the first few minutes are me going over the when/why to use Shared Layouts. If you want to read that (below) instead, skip to 4:00 in the video.

Summary of when/why to use shared layouts:

  • Use Shared layouts when layout inheritance isn’t enough. Example: You want some posts to have one layout and others to have a different layout
  • When you want to export a Template to use on a different WordPress installation either yourself or another Headway user
  • Or just because. I personally prefer using Shared Layouts over cloning. There is actually less data stored in the database and such this way.

Summary of things to know:

  • You can’t (yet) assign Shared layouts (or any layouts) to all posts in a specific category
  • You can’t (yet) mass-assign Shared layouts to posts/pages

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