Screencast Tuesday: Double Take – Grid Wizard and Content Block Updates in 3.0.5

It took several tries but I’ve finally been able to get these uploaded correctly so I can post this video! Today we’re going to go over 2 new features of Headway 3.0.5, which will be released later tonight or tomorrow (Thursday). We’re going to focus on the all-new Grid Wizard and some Content Block updates.

First we’ll take a look at the all-new Grid Wizard. This is probably the coolest feature right next to the Responsive option. For those of us still on the fence about Responsive Sites, I actually am more excited to show off the Grid Wizard. Basically it replaces the previous cloning mechanism and allows you to decide which page’s layout gets cloned down, or pick from your templates or a set of presets we’ve given you. We really think you’ll enjoy this feature and hope that it solves a lot of the issues people were having. The video does run about 20 minutes, but hopefully after watching it you’ll have everything you need to know about the new Grid Wizard!

The second video this week is actually about the Content Block and the updates we’ve done for it. We’ve moved a few things around, but the biggest thing we included was how content is displayed. Not only can you fetch pages, decide if the page title is shown, but you can now start decide where and how comments are shown, excerpts are shown, and others! To get the full lowdown on these new changes check out the video below!

Hope you guys enjoyed these videos! We’ll be back next week with even more Screencast Tuesday goodness!

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  1. I’m glad you’ve added the comments on pages feature. It seems pointless for most users, but it actually has some interesting uses. For instance, child theme developers can have a dedicated page where the child theme info is, and people can leave “testimonials” in the form of moderated comments. Less work to get feedback and you still have control over display 🙂

    • @JordanSkole Yup, right there for you. I love that feature too. BTW, love the Headway child theme you have been working on. Great job!!!

  2. Love these videos.

    I think that videos are the best way to learn and AJ makes the vids pretty interesting.

    Two videos in one session – can’t be bad!

        • @b.nijhoff@wmwebdes The Webinar is only for those with the right membership levels (developer prior to version 3, all-access, and lifetime). The topic is all about child themes. At this point the webinar is full. There will be playback in the near future.

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