Screencast Tuesday: Even Closer to Beta Edition!!

We’re getting even closer to a Beta Edition this week!! I got a little sidetracked in all the excitement finishing this week’s screencast, so it’s up a day late. I’m also still getting over a sinus infection. If you’ve got allergies you know what I’m talking about!

Anyways, we’ve been hard at work these last two weeks. And we’ve got a lot to show you. I also tried a scripted technique to the screencast this week, so it’s direct and to the point! It only about 5 minutes, but covers a lot of what we’ve been working on these weeks. Take a look and feel free to give feedback. We appreciate it!

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  1. Thank you guys for your hard work. The version 3 is getting better.

    I hope only we wouldn’t get anymore messages like this (“get closer”, “get even closer”, “get even even even.. closer”) and we get the beta released finally.

    Thank again.

    • Oh stop that. 😛 We’re being very transparent with when we’re releasing a beta. Not sure I could say that about any other theme…

  2. WIll you send an email out to your developer license holders when the beta is good to go? I am ready to test it.

  3. I know what sinus infections are like. Hard to see or work at a laptop, especially if you have the sinus headache pressure, etc. Glad that’s over. I used to get theme for like 15 years straight and then I took this nasal steroid and that stopped it. It’s been easy maybe about 10 years since I had them.

    Anyways, I am glad you will have a beta this week. I just discussed this in a meeting last night with another license holder and we’re both waiting to get some new insight.

    I’ll be looking forward to that email.

    Thanks for all the great work!

  4. Wow this looks very exciting. This also looks so complex and blows all the other themes away that my only concern would be database calls and slowing down my site. Have you run a speed test on 3.0 compared to other themes?

  5. Agreed on sinus problems. I’ve had them for years. No fun at all.

    Script worked really well for me out here in viewer-land. Thanks!

    And — you guys really have been transparent on the beta progress. Especially since it’s a major rewrite. I could easily name a half dozen betas by others that have been the exact opposite.


  6. Every time I think I’ve seen something impressive that blows every other developer away, you release another screen cast and make me think again – damn you!!! 🙂

    Looking forward to the release guys, great work!

  7. There is any possibility to transform a website created with Headway into a “standard wordpress theme – white label” (without Headway and leafs instaled) ?

    • We will be disclosing the price of Headway 3.0 very soon. What we can tell you is this. Not only will Headway cost more. You will not get free upgrades and support if you do not own Headway at the time 3.0 is released. We are moving to an annually renewal cost with 3.0 for those who don’t own Headway at the time it is released.

  8. Hi guys,

    Nobody can criticise you on your transparency, am pretty new to Headway and have been amazed and grateful for your openness.

    Will the beta be hitting soon?

    and boy am I glad I signed up prior to 3.0 (thanks to generous discount when I bought Pippity!

    Best wishes,

  9. I’m getting so excited!!! This looks totally awesome and I can’t wait to get some play time.

    Headway rocks!

    PS. Hope you are feeling better AJ – sinus infections are the worst!

  10. Will it be possible to layer boxes so for example, the upper horizontal portion of a content box lays over the header box?

    Also, will it be possible to position a navigation bar at the center of the header, instead of above or below it?

    Or will we have to customize the css to get these effects as we do now?

    • This will not be a core feature of Headway 3. You can however do this with code. To code this feature into Headway would cause way to many issues.

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