Screencast Tuesday: How to Use Chrome's Developer Tools

Every now and then we see questions asked in the forum like ‘how can I target a specific widget to have a different background’ or ‘how can I change the spacing of one block, but not the rest’ or even ‘how can I change the style of a child theme.’ Well maybe not the last one, but I’m sure we’ll get it soon enough. 😛

Today’s screencast (which is a bit late, sorry!) is all about answering the above three questions. I did go a little fast through these but I’m trying to keep these under 10 minutes. If you have questions about the developer tools, please let us know!

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  1. AJ,, do you prefer working in one browser over another? I’ve been using Firefox just for firebug, but would like to perhaps use Chrome ( since my world is becoming more Google-centric)


  2. Ok, stupid question: How/where do I go to install the developers tools in Chrome? or is it in there already. I searched extensions for “developer tools” and didn’t find anything.


  3. Thanks AJ

    I’ve been thinking of moving over to Chrome and using the Developer Tools.

    I’m using Firebug at the moment and I enjoy using it.

    Looks as though I’ll have to bite the bullet.

  4. Nice, AJ

    I learned a thing or two about Chrome’s tool set here. Based upon a previous comment you made in another video about ditching Firefox for Chrome, I really tried. Not just on your recommendation, but for the fact that Firefox seems to have gotten a bit sluggish and weird lately. Maybe it’s their new rapid version deployment strategy that’s introducing inefficiencies, I don’t know, but it just seems quirkier lately. But, alas, I could not make the move. Chrome just doesn’t have as nice a set of tab management features, and although I eliminated some of the situations that caused it, I just couldn’t eliminate altogether accidentally overwriting the content of a tab with another page. Frustrating. Also, if you reload an accidentally closed tab in Firefox, its history is restored as well. Chrome’s tab manager extensions don’t seem to be able to pull that one off.

    Nevertheless, I do like Chrome a lot and will continue to use it alongside Firefox.

    In another video, you seemed to be advocating a move away from using “body.custom.” Are you recanting that notion here in this video? Or when do you see its value over not using it?

    I actually do hang on your every word with this stuff, as you can tell, and I appreciate the videos you create and the topics they contain. Thanks!

  5. Good stuff, that’s for sure. Chrome has several options that are nice, & I’m convinced that chrome is a lot faster than Firefox. I still use firefox for some of the add-ons but Chrome is where I start and where I end up. As always, another good tip for customation to give our sites that little extra.

    Thanks again AJ

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