Screencast Tuesday: What's Coming in Headway Themes 3.1

It’s only day 3 of me being out at Headway World Headquarters and we’ve already got a ton of things accomplished and ready to start sharing with you. The most notable today is that we’ve been readying a new release. We were going to release a minor version of Headway (3.0.6 as we have mentioned in the forums), but after taking a look at everything we had put into the release, we decided it really should be something bigger than a “dot dot” release. Today, we’re going to give you a peek of just what is coming in Headway 3.1.

So I’m just a little excited to be sharing this with you, but there has been some major rework done to the layout renderer, which we are now going to call it the grid renderer. If you’ve ever had a layout you thought was possible prior to 3.1, I encourage you to give it a try when you get your hands on 3.1. I’m constantly amazed at the layouts I’ve tested that work with it. There’s a little finessing you need to do sometimes, but we can all live with a little pain to see what we gain. Alright, I don’t want to spoil it too much, so here’s the screencast. I’ll wait till you’ve seen that!

Not only is the grid renderer getting some much needed love, but the navigation block has also gotten some love so that it will work better in all of our supported browsers, but also for those users that have long menu items or a large top level menu. We still want to do a little more testing on it, but we hope you will enjoy the updates coming out in this version. Again, this is what we are considering a major release!! Keep your eyes open for the release later this week so you can take a look at all of the new features and bug fixes that will be included!!

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      • @AJMorris Meaning, this sentence is not logical: “If you’ve ever had a layout you thought was possible prior to 3.1, I encourage you to give it a try when you get your hands on 3.1.”

        If a layout was “impossible” before then it would make sense that 3.1 might make it “possible”.


  1. Now I know why Clay never got back to me on the video I made for him showing him layout cloning difficulties – it’s because more than I ever hoped for, or even imagined, is imminent with 3.1 !!

    Can’t wait…!

    • @djMot That’s my guess. I told him to just go with the updates he thought he could do. 😛 Still a little surprised with everything that went in to it.

  2. This looks impressive. THANK YOU! Can’t wait. I said HELLELEIAH a couple of times watching the video. The other two things I’ve been hoping for and have seen others asking for are the inspect element function and the easy hooks. Either of these features returning this version or ever?

  3. Hi,
    i’m really keen at buying the Headway base package but all my clients are requiring to have an homepage slideshow in their websites.
    Can you please confirm me that Headway allows me to install a slideshow into my sites?
    thanks so much

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