Screencast Tuesday: Headway 3.2.3

It’s been 19 days since we released Headway 3.2.2 and today we’re releasing Headway 3.2.3. This release is one our favorites so far! We’ve added Padding and something called Nudging. To learn more about these features, and how to use them, check out the video below.

The full changelog is below.


  • Grid: The preview button in the Grid Mode is now placed by the Save Button and will show all changes prior to saving
  • Design Editor: Added padding control
  • Design Editor: Added nudging control. Simply selected the desired elements and use your arrow keys to move the element. Or, use the settings under the Nudging property group.
  • Design Editor: Added overflow control for blocks
  • Design Editor: If the inspector is enabled, the selected element will remain highlighted
  • Design Editor: The CSS selector for the selected element is now shown by the name of the element
  • Compiler: Added LESS (v0.3.5) parsing capabilities
  • Content Block: Added ‘headway_featured_image_src’ and ‘headway_featured_image_url’ filters


  • Global CSS: Changed the way Content blocks and Footer block hyperlinks inherit their color
  • Design Editor: The default hyperlink element in the Design Editor will now affect hyperlinks directly
  • Design Editor: Registered ‘li.comment’ as an editable element. It is under the Content Block named Comment Container
  • Design Editor: Changed the 3-pane element selector to just two panes by moving the groups and main elements into one pane
  • Design Editor: There are now fewer AJAX requests when selecting an element which means a faster designing experience
  • Visual Editor: Speed up the loading animation
  • Visual Editor: Search functionality has been removed from Visual Editor
  • Grid: Removed the wrapper horizontal and vertical padding options in favor of the padding controls in the Design Editor

Bug Fixes

  • Media Block: If the Media Block is set to crop, then images will be properly stretched
  • Admin: Requests in WordPress admin are no longer gzipped
  • Visual Editor: Fixed issues with mirrored blocks in the Manage and Design modes
  • Visual Editor: Saving notifications no longer overlap the Inspector and Mass Block Selection notifications in the top right
  • Layout Selector: Custom taxonomies with hyphens in their IDs should now properly list out in the layout selector
  • Layout Inheritance: Fixed an issue where categories wouldn’t properly inherit
  • Navigation Block: Drop downs on vertically oriented navigation blocks will now properly show

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46 Responses

  1. Just amazing!
    In this release you solved some things that kind of annoyed me, but that I didn’t want to bother you about.
    I feel really exited whenever I see your email in my inbox, because the changes you make are always so noticeable.
    Thank you for your consistent improvements to this already great product and I’m also grateful that you really take your customers suggestions and problems seriously.
    In my experience whenever you say that something on the checklist, it really is and that’s great! I then see that was true in future releases.
    Thanks again!

    •  @MarcinHakemerFernandez Thanks Marcin.  One of our goals is to be on an aggressive update schedule so we can make sure we continue to improve on Headway Themes and take care of any of those issues our users report to us.
      Thanks for your suggestions and glad this update took care of any issues you mentioned to us.

  2. This is a fantastic update! Just as @MarcinHakemerFernandez  said. You added fixes for things I have been meaning to request. I can actually cross a few suggestions off my list I was compiling 🙂
    Just one question. Can Nudging and Padding be added to elements we add to our blocks? Like we can now add background, font, rounded corners etc.
    If so this is fantastic news for the Utility Block users. The sliders are great for positioning elements, but not so precise, so being able to nudge the utilities around to get them where you want will make a big difference!
    Great work guys!

    •  @HeadwayLabs  Hey guys.  I don’t see any reason you couldn’t incorporate that into your blocks too.  After all, it is part of our blocks.  
      And you are right, that would be a great addition to the Utility Block.  

    •  @HeadwayLabs Hey Andy,
      Nudging is added to all elements by default, but padding can be added just by adding ‘padding’ to the ‘properties’ argument when registering the element :-).

      •  @claygriffiths Clay , could you please elaborate on this, I have just started using HT , so aim not very familiar with it; I am desperately looking for a situation to adjust things inside the  block by padding etc

        •  @dochomeo You can adjust padding simply by going into the Design Mode then selecting the element you want to change.
          Andy was asking about how to add padding to blocks when registering them in a Headway plugin/block.

        •  @claygriffiths  it is the adjustment  within the blocks that is what I am looking for …for e.g. i would like the meta to be more closer to the tittle…but when i move the meta , it moves all other metas on the page. kindly suggest me what to do

        •  @claygriffiths  it is the adjustment  within the Individual block that is what I am looking for …for e.g. i would like the meta to be more closer to the tittle…but when i move the meta , it moves all other metas in all other blocks start moving . kindly suggest me what to do

        •  @dochomeo Unfortunately, elements inside of elements can’t be customized individually.  However, this is something that is planned 🙂

  3. Great job. You keep reducing the need for custom CSS. This will help a lot of the more novice developers. I am no CSS guru so anytime we can use the stock tools it’s a great thing.

    •  @ckracht Thanks for the comment.  One thing we do try to do is make it even easier for the novice to build sites they can use.  

  4. Team HW – 
    AWESOME! update/fixes.  Of course I just spent 3 hours figuring out the CSS to nudge and use z-axis LAST NIGHT!   ironic!   however.. I did try it with the new version.. and it isn’t quite working ..z axis stuff.. i.e. I want a Media Gallery box under the nav bar…  thoughts? 

    • Hey  @Adam Silver ,
      Be sure that the Media block’s nudging method is set to “Relative” and make sure that the navigation block method is also set to relative.  From there, just change the layer index of the Media block to 1 and make the Navigation block’s layer index 2.

      •  @claygriffiths Thanks clay.. working now.. odd that it didn’t before. 
        On a different related issue.. I went to check if a sub page would appear correctly and it does.. wanted to add a background color to it so you can see the text and got an error that might be related to HW.  I have a screen capture.. found here…
        I think you can tell where i was by looking at what was highlighted.  I see some BLUE function array merge errors and behind that some other issues..  
        not sure if you need/want to know! 

  5. Holy cow- Great updates.  I can actually do whatever I want now.  Who needs a custom landing page when you start a site.  Throw up a header, center it, with a gravity froms contact block.. Viola!  Nudging is the bomb..

  6. Is there any need to create a default child theme?  I am worried when I do updates… ie theme updates to be exact.  Will I lose custom css, and settings?  Nice thing about a child theme, is when you update the parent, the child keeps all the settings.  Any thoughts on this?

    •  @Hybridteachingcafeadmin Nope, you’ll be safe!  
      However, we do recommend backing up before any WordPress, plugin, or Headway update.

  7. Hi there,
    I just found this screencast yesterday, after updating to the lastest version of Headway (hadn’t updated for a a while). I was really excited to see that you’d added these padding and nudging functionalities, but I can’t seem to find them anywhere in 3.2.4?Have they been removed?A bit frustrated as the Padding section of the codex doesn’t seem to mention these features at all either, unless I’m looking in the wrong place.Would appreciate some guidance, as my content box could do with a bit of padding ;)cheers,

      •  @GrantGriffiths Hey Grant, thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I had actually understood all of that from the screencast, only that’s not what I’m seeing when I go in to my Visual Editor.The problem then seems to be a different one: my theme is showing as up to date when it’s not. It looks like it’s stuck at 3.2I think others have had the same problem. I’ll have to look into it tomorrow when I have more time.
        Thanks! Enjoy your Sunday 🙂

        •  @fizzylight Please post up in the forums so the entire Headway Team can help you ou there.  And the forums is a better place for us to work with you on any issues you might be having.  Thanks

        •  @GrantGriffiths It’s all good, Grant. Once I figured out what the actual problem was, I remembered I’d received an email about automatic updating from you guys. All fixed now, thanks!

  8. I’ve really enjoyed reading your different articles. They are so informative and interesting. This post give truly quality information. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here. thank you so much.Keep up the good works.

  9. I’m having a problem with “nudging.”
    I’ll tweak the block in the design editor and save it, but when I refresh the website there is no change.
    How do I fix this?   @HeadwayLabs

  10. I’m having a problem with “nudging.”
    I’ll tweak the block in the design editor and save it, but when I refresh the website there is no change.
    How do I fix this?

  11. I love Headway but am having a problem upgrading to 3.4 on one of my sites
    Thanks in advance

    • @ReginaTierney Please post up in the forums in the General 3.0 Discussion category so the Team can help you out with that.

  12. How do I get the general forum?to ask about why I can not upgrade?
    I have no idea how to get there

  13. >> Compiler: Added LESS (v0.3.5) parsing capabilities
    claygriffithsHow is it possoble to use LESS with headway, I’m not sure what it means that LESS parsing has been added to the compiler? Is LESS supposed to work in the Live CSS Editor, or how can it be utilized?

  14. I’m having trouble with the positioning of the social media icons and the navigation box in the utility block. I put them both to 940 px, but they are still not all the way to the left. Any ideas?

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