Screencast Tuesday: What's New in Headway 3.3!

Today marks a pretty large milestone for us as we’ve been releasing Headway 3.x continuously for just under a year and today we’re marking that with Headway 3.3. It’s been a couple of months since we’ve pushed out a release, and there’s a reason for that! We’re excited to announce that today we’re releasing Headway 3.3! There’s quite a few things that went into the release, some we’ve even hinted at on Twitter.

This release encompasses quite a lot of backend updates and a couple of easter eggs we’re going to show you right now. Check out this week’s Screencast Tuesday to get an update of just what went into this release.

To view the release notes for this release, make sure to visit the Release Notes thread on the Support forums. We’d love to hear what you think about this release! Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Great to see the changes. ¬†I’m glad I watched this as I would never have looked under that button for the template duplication ūüôā

  2. Does GZip compression when enabled in 3.3 still make Cart66 crash the backend so you can login to your WP installation? Or has this ben solved?

    • @DanteHamilton¬†Hey Dante, you can disable Headway gzipping under Headway ¬Ľ Options in the WordPress Dashboard.

  3. Why is the media block not responsive and when will this function be pushed live? Or am I totally wrong and possible missing a setting that is not making my image respond correctly. Here is my home page –¬†

    • @ScottRowley¬†We’ll look into the Media block and make sure it’s fully responsive in the next update.
      Sorry for the trouble! ¬†It should’ve already been responsive.

      • @claygriffiths¬†thanks a ton for your reply. Am I correct then in the comment that this is not yet responsive? Do you have any time estimate on when this next update will go out? Again Thank You!

        • @ScottRowley¬†We don’t have an ETA yet, but feel free to add the following code to your site via Live CSS and it’ll make your image rotator responsive.
          div.image-rotator img {max-width: 100%;height: auto !important;}
          Just be sure to remove the responsive block hiding once you’ve added that code otherwise the block won’t show on mobile devices ūüôā

        • @claygriffiths¬†that worked perfect ūüôā thanks again and I am sure that many of us look forward to media responsive awesomeness.

        • @claygriffiths¬† Looks like this works if there is one image in the media block, but when I added an additional image to the block something broke. Any ideas? You can see what I mean if you go to¬†
          Thanks for your help on this one. Hopefully we can create a temporary fix until the next update for everyone.

        • @ScottRowley¬†Hey Scott, I’ve been trying to make a quick CSS, but can’t seem to get one to work. ¬†With that said, we’ll be addressing this in the next update.
          In the meantime, be sure to post on our support forums at for continued support.
          Sorry for the trouble!

        • @ScottRowley¬†No problem. ¬†Very frustrated I couldn’t build a quick fix! ¬†It’ll be more than just fixed when the update is available though ūüôā

  4. It would also be freaking awesome if there was an easy way to turn blocks on to only show on mobile and not show on desktop. This could be very useful for calls to action on business websites. Do you have a nifty bit of code for this?

  5. How do I install a newer version of Headway? Tried hitting upload on the install page and said “Destination folder already exists. /htdocs/www/blog/wp-content/themes/headway/” “Theme install failed.” because an older version of Headway is installed. Also, how do I make sure all of my work on the old version will be saved?

    • @SarahNoni¬†Never re-upload Headway to update. Use WordPress’ auto-update feature to update the theme, the same way you update plugins. You find that feature under Dashboard > Updates.

      • @webmatros¬† Thanks. But, hmm… it’s not showing an update for the Headway theme when I know there is one. Only WordPress’s default themes.

        • @SarahNoni¬†¬†@webmatros¬†In order to access automatic updates, you need to enter your license key in Headway > options. You may find your license key in the Headway Members Dashboard.

        • @SarahNoni¬†¬†@GrantGriffiths¬†
          No worries!
          Be sure you’re in your WordPress admin. ¬†The URL will be something like ¬†Then from there you’ll go to Headway ¬Ľ Options to enter your license key.

        • @claygriffiths¬† Ha, yeah I know how to do that. I just don’t see that under options. I’ve looked under each tab: General, Search Engine Optimization, Scripts/Analytics, Feed, Visual¬†Editor, Advanced. Under General, the default page, it has Favicon, Admin Preferences and Affiliate Promotion. No space to add a license key.

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