Screencast Tuesday: Where'd my custom folder go in Headway 3.0?

My head is a little above water so I’m able to bring this series back finally! We’ve had a lot of questions about how to write your own custom CSS or PHP, I thought it was the perfect topic to talk about in this week’s Screencast Tuesday’s post. Today we’re talking a look at how to create a child theme so that you can use the child theme as your custom code. It’s actually very easy and I’ve created a simple child theme here, that you can use. This is non-supported code, but really there’s not much there, so you should be ok. 🙂

Hope you guys enjoy this week’s Screencast Tuesday.

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    • @BlogTechGuy No problem! 🙂 There’s more to child themes then this. This is just the first step to get you over there. I’ll continue child themes for the next couple of weeks on the Screencast Tuesday Series and in a developer webinar.

  1. Thanks AJ, great video, very interesting.

    Would you recommend creating a child theme if all someone wanted to do was create fluid headers and navigation or is that best just via the Live CSS?

    • @FreshEyesConsul I’m sure you could use CSS, but I haven’t tried that yet. My thought is that it’s going to be harder, more complicated with CSS then to just write a little bit of PHP. The main this is that every block is in the div wrapper, so you have to first overcome that. Then have to write CSS to somehow have it not take into the account of the wrapper width. I’m not sure this can be done. So doing it the PHP way would be a heck of a lot easier. I’m actually going to cover that for next week. 🙂

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