Screencast Tuesdays: Building Your First Block, part 2

This week’s screencast were going to be finishing the discussion on the Blocks API. Last week I said we’d have both of these out, but due to scheduling conflicts with other posts I decided to wait until this week. I also wanted to make sure that Clay had not made any changes to the Blocks API, as we were still working on adjusting some things for the visual editor.

Today were going to be talking about displaying content with the Block’s API. If you remember last week we looked at being able to create various inputs for our social media places and got them saving properly to the database. This screen cast is about 18 min. long and is going to cover being able to choose from three different icon sets and display the icons as links.

Hope you enjoy part 2 of building your first block.

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  1. Great screencast series AJ. Keep ’em coming!!! 😉
    Looking forward to trying to create my own block once the release version of HW3 comes out and I get a bit more time to play around with it.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m really loving this Block API. I can’t wait to show you the Child Theme API!! It’s going to be very similar, and straight forward. 🙂

  2. Yes! This looks awesome I already know what kind of block I am going to develop and styling to make it work with everyone + options. Cant wait to see the child theme api videos as well. Couple questions:

    How many different options can we create, you just showed selector and input, will we have access to sliders as well? So if I wanted to add a rounded corner slider and a box shadow slider I would be able to?

    How does marketplace work? so if I did want to create and charge for a block would the headway team help with some of the other parts of it?

    • There will be all sorts of documentation on the inputs you can have with the blocks api. A lot of things are already created for you like that. More information will be available shortly after launch with it.

      As for the marketplace, that is similar to how it works now with the paid skins and leafs available for Headway 2.x. You can fill out the contact form here,, and we can chat about it prior to us releasing more information on it. We’ve always had a marketplace, it’s just with 3.0 it’s getting more attention. 🙂

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