Screencast Tuesdays: Building Your First Block

Well Blog World Expo is over, and we’ve finally announced a release date for Headway Themes 3.0!! We’re all super excited to have the news released and can’t wait to show you all the other cool things we’ve been working on to release as well.

I figured I’d start with something simple though this week and start the conversation about building blocks with the new Blocks API. This is a two part screencast since there’s a lot to cover and I’m trying to record these as I actually build out a block that we’ll be releasing with Headway 3.0.

This screencast is definitely geared towards the developer crowd out there, that isn’t afraid to get their hands a little dirty and write out some PHP. It also runs about 25 minutes since we’re going over how to create options and inputs for blocks. Thursday’s screencast, we’ll look at how to display the content our Social Media block is saving and how we can add different elements to allow styling changes in the Design mode of the Visual Editor.

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  1. Well done on getting the 3.0 release date out in the wild. Looking forward to it. I’m in the final stages of putting together a community site with 2.13. I’m wondering if there is any news about bbpress or buddypress working nicely with 3.0? Not hassling you realise just curious : )



    • I am sure the guys who built the BuddyPress add-on for 2.0.x will have it ready ASAP for Headway 3.0 Not sure what the timeframe might be for bbPress however as it is not on our short list of to-dos

  2. Great informative video AJ, thanks.

    It’s obvious you have been working hard with the yawn at 18:31 😉

  3. Great stuff, loved following this !

    A couple of suggestions (I know it was just an example, but just for completeness)

    1. Add logic to leave out an entry if no URL is entered
    2. Make ‘Select’ default to one of the other options (maybe the first one!).

    Cheers, Dave

    • Yep. As I said, this was just an example. 🙂 It wasn’t necessary to be complete by any means or to show you how to code properly or anything like that. For instance most of those URLs can be added to an Author’s profile (part of some social optimization feature we’re doing), so the better thing would be to just pull the URLs from the profile rather than have to put them in manually. 🙂 But of course this was just a demo to show you how easy the API is to use.

  4. Thanks for this tutorial – need to get some of this up on your codex!Maybe I missed it, but is there a place I can download the set of “example” files?

  5. Found it: 
    (I’d love to put this on the codes/wiki – but can’t seem to sign up? private codex?)

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