Screencast Tuesdays: Inching Closer to a Beta Edition!

It’s that time of the week again. We’re really excited to show you what we’ve got done this week. We’ve got more refinements to the Layout Editor, a new default theme style, and a Tour! And this is just the tip of what we’ve been working on. Check out the video below!

As I said, we’re very excited as we get to a point where we’re ready to release a beta to all of our developer license holders. We’re getting very close and hope to have it out soon.

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  1. Really excited for this release. Looks to be a great framework. Just bought the developer license just to get access to the beta of this when it comes out. cant wait!

  2. Is there a comment module/box or whatever they are called. So you could put the content somewhere and then have the comments on the side instead of below. Not sure if wordpress even allows this to easily happen. Just think it would be cool to be able to do.

    • This is actually possible with the current version of Headway and we intend on keeping it the same :).

      Right now, the comments and the entry content are both in the content leaf. Not many people know about this (and we need to write a tutorial on it), but there’s a tab in the options for the content leaf where you can either hide the content or hide the comments. This allows you to have one content leaf where the content is visible and another content leaf where only the comments are visible.

      I hope that makes sense!

  3. I just purchased the developer license and am really looking forward to trying this out. I’ve got about 10 sites to design in the next month so I’ll put the beta through the paces for you. Cheers!

  4. Hi!
    Amazing show for this Screecast Tuesday again!
    I am just getting more and more into responsive web design to make it a standart for our web projects. The grid layout is excellent! Would it be possible to use it to create fluid grids (proportional by %) instead of pixels defined only? And my second question is in the Design editor when we visually work with the CSS, would there be fields for defining @media types, again related and necessary to create responsive designs?
    Responsive web design is right now an extreemly strong answer to the different sizes of devices accessing websites online, and building 1 website for all these devices instead of mobile version, iPad version etc. Having Headway 3.0 flexible to create responsive themes will rock it out with an amazing innovation feature. How much, guys, did you think about this till now? Are we gonna be able to manage responsive themes already with H 3.0?
    We are looking forward for the release.Cheers!


    • Thanks for your comments. We’re well aware of responsive designs. Headway is a theme framework though, and has to keep a wide array of design options available. We’re looking into responsive design and will look at what we could do to add it. I’m not sure if we will have it added in 3.0 as we’re pretty set on features on timeline for releasing.

  5. Hi, I am concerned about the upgrade path from Headway 2 to Headway 3. Will this be a simple “click to upgrade” and everything gets moved over? Or will it cause problems and we have to build from scratch? I am currently building my site now with Headway 2 but don’t know if I should stop development and wait for 3 to come out or switch to another theme then back to Headway when 3 is finally here?

    • We’ve said several times that we haven’t approached this, but that it’s likely that not everything will update. Keep in mind that from Headway 2.x to 3.0 it is a complete rewrite from the ground up. This means that upgrading everything isn’t likely. We are just not sure how much at this point.

  6. i just bought the developer license, and plan to start my site next month.

    Is the Beta version stable enough to run on a production site?
    I just need the basic structure and SEO ready.

    I don’t want to learn the old version then have a hard time to upgrade and re-learn re-set the 3.0 beta again after 1-2 months.

    • We never recommend running a beta on a live site. And no, not all of the features which will be in the final version of Headway 3.0 be ready in the 1st beta. It is a beta after all.

      • It seems to me i should run the site now with the current version. I don’t think the stable version will out anytime soon, maybe middle of next year …. at least better than thesis just talking about the new version for almost 2 yr without any good info.

        • I can assure you it will not be middle of next year. A beta will be out in a few days and final not far behind. A final release date will be announced soon.

    • Just a question, do you even know what CSS3 is? I see people all the time use CSS3 as a buzz word, and want to really know how many people understand it. If you’ve watched any of the Headway 3.0 videos/screencasts we’ve done, you should have noticed things like rounded corners, box shadows, etc. These are all CSS3 techniques. 😛 So yes, there are CSS3 techniques in Headway 3.0.

      • I think that Headway cannot incorporate all the CSS3 features and maybe it’s better so.

        There are a lot of high quality CS.S3 editors and generators that can be uset to generate the code we need.

        After the code is generated, can be easily inserted into the Headway Live CSS Editor.

        • Not every CSS3 property will be included. We’re including the most used properties such as border radius, shadows, etc.

  7. This is the flexibility that I’m waiting for!
    Would you guys implement Header Slider/Feature Slider? That would be cool!
    Thanks again!

    • With Headway 3.0, even the Header is a block so you can put anything you want as the header. Include a slider. In addition, Chris Howard’s next project is a Slider+

      • Thanks Grant!

        Just wonder what would be the estimate time to release the stable headway 3.0? Wish to build the site upon this theme.


  8. It looks great guys!
    One thing though I noticed in the vid that might prove annoying though. When AJ did the 3 content blocks at the bottom they cant be even widths, because you can’t divide 16 by 3..

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