Screencast Tuesdays: Layout Editor 3.0

Well it’s that time of the week again! I’m here giving you the latest things we’ve been working on with Headway 3.0. This week I wanted to go a little further in depth with the Layout Editor and being able to create different layouts as well as show you some of the little things we wanted to add in so that we could make sure that things would work properly.

We would love to get some feedback about what we’ve been working on. Please try to keep comments to this week’s features we’ve added. Enjoy the Screencast below!

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  1. Finally! This is the epitome of what I want in a WordPress theme. As a digital scrapbooker, I design my pages in Photoshop by dragging, dropping and rearranging different elements, background etc. You guys have managed to capture that in WordPress.


    • Thanks Kathleen. More to come soon as far as videos of 3.0 too. And for those with a developer’s license, beta testing around the corner.

  2. Looking forward to redesigning my site with this. I feel like I can finally make a site my own without having to take someones theme and just change some css.

    • I am hoping a good beta out by end of this month. With final out by end of summer. The final release date is going to depend on our developer license holders really doing a good job of testing 3.0 beta and giving us good feedback too.

  3. Simply amazing guys!

    Will old leafs work straight off the bat with this version Grant? My next site I’m building is going to be a BuddyPress site, so I’d be happy to start that in 3.0 as a beta.

  4. This looks very exciting. Very well thought out.

    One question. when you look at a page in the VE, according to these videos, you see the grid in the background. If you had a graphic as a bg in the wrapper area would this show up in the VE to help with positioning of elements?

  5. wow…mind-blowing! You are changing the entire web design game!!! You are making it TOO easy! lol… Local internet marketing will never be the same.

  6. I look forward to testing the beta on a new site I have in the works and will be happy to give feed back.

    Can’t wait until the next screencast!


  7. Looks great and some excellent usability features. Another question I have is the upgrade path, so will it be able to take my design from 2.0.13 to 3.0 without problems? For instance my custom CSS references leaf-38 will that be applied to block-28 or whatever it is called after the upgrade?
    Also the upgrade from MS capabilities to Child themes

    • Clay and AJ are currently working on what will happen if you upgrade from 2.0.13 to 3.0 However, keep in mind, Headway 3.0 is a completely new product. It is completely rebuilt from the ground up with a new API and all of the code has been redone.

  8. Is there capability to do slideshows and audio/video libraries/portfolios via category?

    Also, can the various areas of the page be fluid or are always stuck designing each page in a boxed fashion?


  9. Can you provide a facility to align blocks across the page (by providing a vertical ruler on the left or maybe a click to grid facility)?

    Love the screencasts!

  10. I’m so excited to see all these changes – awesome!!!

    I have 2 sites that I need to totally update and I have 5 more on my local host right now that I would love to test out the new 3.0 on.

    Keep up the great work guys!!!!

  11. Great idea to be able to set up a background image and work in front of it to build the site. Maybe that’s also a good way to take a design that was done in Photoshop or InDesign, and turn it into a Headway site.

    How easy will it be to adjust the gutter spacing inbetween the blocks? While you can’t overlap, can you butt them up against one another? Nice treatment on turning the block red if it does overlap.

    I can’t wait to get my hands on the beta. Good luck -ab

    • Because the point of a block is to have content in it. So the decision was made that there needed to be a minimum height based on that.

  12. Wow! I thought all the previous versions were ahead of the others (true), but this one is a quantum leap. You guys are now in another dimension!

    You’re gonna be filthy rich.

  13. Can blocks be the answer to multi-columns? A special “News” block would have an embedded news widget.

    One weak point of WP in regards to publishing a magazine look, is creating multi-columns without having to use tables within the text editor. Manually having to insert the tags that refers to a class in order to create multi-columns is not friendly approach for your client nor is it intuitive.

    The block layout editor may change the role of a theme engine/editor in respect to complete control of not only layout but layout of content in any text area. Traditionally themes do not control text layout.

    The ultimate and most logical progression would be create a news block that would contain an embedded companion news widget. The initial starting News block would pour or overflow to the next designated child news block. With each block having an ID, you can just send the overflow to the next news block #xxx. You would have a “pour” function that you can toggle. The child News blocks that are receiving the overflow data from the proceeding block, can be on a different page. News blocks may be also cloned by reusing the block ID tag to show excerpts as highlights, within a discussion, ad or sidebar. Because they are being reused, they take up no additional space. The amount of text that is poured depends on the client’s text display settings of the browser or to set start/end points where the text from the article continues.

    Similar to the table attribute, toggle on/off block borders with the ability to set padding. This would be particularly available for the News block.

    The block layout editor may simply redefine WordPress. The tail, Headway may just be wagging the body (WordPress).


    • Actually you can do what you are looking to do now with Headway and the Excepts+ Leaf. But, as you say, Headway 3.0 will make this a lot easier to do.

  14. re: minimum height for blocks

    i’m not entirely sure exactly why at this point but just looking at the new editor (i’m excited by the way) – as a graphic designer my intuition/spidey senses are telling me that purely for visual reasons i will want to use some very thin boxes…

    specific graphics separating areas maybe…

    anyway, could you possibly have a block that didn’t have a minimum height that would only take images and have the background color adjustable?

    and while i’m on a roll – it would save a lot of cutting/pasting/fiddling from photoshop if your blocks could have ‘z’ axis postioning and could handle transparency etc. so that you could overlay text and/or other images over each other directly in the theme! ………… i appreciate i might be going a little to far there; Headway 4.0?

  15. I can’t wait to get my hands on 3.0 . It looks like it will solve a few things that have been frustrating me layout wise. Awesome job guys!!

    Two things though..

    Re minimum height requirement. I sometimes use a blank leaf with specific background as a separator on my sites. (so its just a line of colour or image) They sometimes need to be narrow to work. Is the minimum height a necessary limitation?

    Also, The overlap block. Is it possible for that to be a warning rather than not being able to overlap at all? Sometimes a small overlap (of images for eg) would be a nice thing to be able to do.

    I’m chomping at the bit to try this out!

  16. OK Please give us a hint on when this is being released. You said the beta should be released at the end of August. Has that happened yet?

    If so I have the dev. copy and have not seen an email regarding beta testing.

    I am REALLY looking forward to this update. You guys are really hitting the ball out of the park with this one!

    • Beta is not out yet as we are working on tweaking some more awesome UI features for the Visual Editor. We are also working on making the child theme API the best out there. If you have a developer’s license, you will get an email with the announcement when the beta is ready. Patience, it is right around the corner.

  17. The new version looks very nice!

    May be a lot of design-oriented guys like me will appreciate if you develop more the part with the pictures 🙂
    Different built-in galleries, different pre-styled menus… things like that should boost the interest even more.

    Once again – good job!

  18. This makes me feel dizzy!
    The whole team is waiting to get hands on Headway 3.
    This is “themes production monster”, said in the very best way.
    First idea we had is to make a case study of replacing our current website designed theme and transfer it 1:1 using H3. Can’t wait for this experiment which will give many practical numbers and values of design and coding time, speed, optimization comparisons.

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