Screencast Tuesdays Series: MAMP

We’re excited to launch a new blog series called Screencast Tuesdays! It will be hosted by myself or another Headway staff member. Each week we’ll be focusing on a particular issue, topic, etc. that we’ve seen either on Twitter or the forums. We’ll then make a screencast and publish it here on Tuesdays!

The first one is centered around MAMP/WAMP, a local development tool that allows you to setup a local development instance of WordPress (or any web application running on PHP) and Headway.

If you have any suggestions on the topic for next week, please let us know.

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  1. Thank you so much for this tutorial, i was one of the folks asking :).

    Sweet. One question.. if you already have a site that is established could you expand on how to get that site into your local server?

    Do I need the dev version of backupbuddy in order to migrate all the sites im currently working with or just the single license.


    • You should just do the same process you would do to move BackupBuddy from one server to the other, only this time you’d do it to your local dev machine/server.

    • I use Dropbox because I have multiple machines (iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air) that I develop on, so using Dropbox gives me the capability to always be working with the latest code (minus the database).

      • i followed your tutorial, but for some reason ( i am using dropbox) i get an database connection error.

        I am wondering if you could shed some light.

        Basically i am attempting to work out how to copy a live sites database, and then work on a development site using that database, ready for an upgrade later..

        Hop that makes sense. M

  2. AJ… there’s a message overlaid on the video indicating it is a private video and says if I have permission to view it that I have to log in at Vimeo.I’ve got MAMP/Wordpress/Headway 3.1 installed locally, but can’t seem to run the visual editor, so was hoping I could catch a clue from the video.  🙂

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