Screencast Tuesdays: Using CSS with Headway

We’ve had a few cases recently where people were putting CSS in the wrong place.  For this week’s Screencast Tuesdays screencast I thought we’d go over where you can properly enter CSS. The screencast runs just over 10 minutes. Hope you enjoy.

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  1. Hi A.J.,

    A great addition to this screen cast, but now after the fact perhaps just a comment here, would be the differences and/or reasons you might select to use Live CSS over the custom.css file.

    Personally, I don’t really detect any difference in using one over the other, except that when working in the visual editor, it’s a quicker, more convenient place to work with CSS. And of course, the fact that you get instant visual confirmation of your changes makes working with Live CSS even more cool.

    However, my overall approach to using each of these two methods of entering custom CSS is to use Live CSS for development purposes, and once I am positive of the outcome and ready to commit to the changes I’ve made, I then transfer everything over to the custom.css file. And by “transfer” I mean cut from Live CSS and paste to the custom.css file so everything ends up only in the custom.css file.

    Does this seem like a good practice to you?

    I always look forward to Screencast Tuesdays!

    • Hi Tom,

      That’s the exact method I use, and it works out quite well with allowing for easy testing and then keeping things tidy and manageable once transferred to custom.css

      A handy feature would be a quick copy to custom.css button, but I’m sure that could cause a whole bunch of issues.

      Looking forward to HW 3.0 🙂

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