Screencast Weekly: Using Theme Test Drive

Getting back to our simple support help videos, I thought today would be a perfect time to show you how to use Theme Test Drive to help you with moving your live site over to Headway 3! There are several people in the community taking the time to do the update from Headway 2.x to Headway 3.x instead of waiting for the update process, what’s even greater to see is that there are some that are others coming from other themes (both free and premium) and want to design their site on their live install. This video runs just over 7 minutes.

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  1. Any chance this also allows you to switch to the test theme when you are finished tweaking?
    Also, can it handle Child Themes?

    •  @bobandcan You switch to the test theme when you are finished by disabling Theme Tester and selecting  your completed theme through the WordPress dashboard just as you would switch to any theme.Theme Tester does work with Child Themes, but WordPress still uses thinks it’s running the main theme, not your test theme.  As such, some dashboard items reflect the main theme, not the one under development.  Of particular importance to child themes is the style.css and custom_functions.php file which WILL NOT be accessible through the Appearance/Editor menu on the WordPress Dashboard.  To edit these, you’ll need to make changes to them in a separate editor and FTP them back to your child theme folder.  Having a web editor that has the built-in capability to open and save from the remote web server eases that aspect of the development significantly.  To use a Child Theme in Theme Test Drive, just select it as the theme you want to use through Theme Test Drive, (i.e., don’t select Headway Base as the theme.)

  2. Great vid AJ
    Theme Test Drive looks like a useful plugin for any site, not just a Headway site.
    And it has a good author “Vladimir Prelovac”.
    Always learn something whenever I visit.

  3. Cheers AJ 
    Really useful video as ever, I have followed the steps in the video easy enough but I then get this error when I try to view the live site while logged into admin :
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function headway_get_page_leafs() in /home/snowreso/public_html/ on line 79
    I can still view the Vis Ed just not live site, any ideas? By way when I log out of admin site is viewable as normal using 2.0.13.

    •  @SkiEquipmentGuide You are likely getting those errors because the add-on is barking that you are using Headway 3, when that add-on was developed for Headway 2. Not sure if there’s anything that can be done in that situation. I’d contact Chris Howard under the Third Party forum and see if he’s got any ideas for you.

  4. Thanks for the video! I get as far as the no content to display but when I try to use the visual editor I get this :
    any suggestions?

  5. Thanks for the video! I get as far as the no content to display but when I try to use the visual editor I get this :
    500 server error
    A misconfiguration on the server caused a hiccup. Check the server logs, fix the problem, then try again.

  6. When I select to go to the visual editor, the “HT” comes up and the loading ruler, but the visual editor will not load. It just sets there. Any ideas for me? Everything is installed and activated. I followed your video to a “T”, but it still won’t load.

  7. Can i actually use this plugin if i have a different Wp theme and switching over to Headway?.Can i work on the new Headway theme while my existing site is live?

  8. Numbskull here, but I can follow you until 4:01 or so, when you say “then you go back…” and you get the No Content To Display screen.

    I’m stuck. What do you mean by go back? Hitting the back button doesn’t do it. You say something about the url, but it’s not visible. Please explain?

    – SackofHammers

    • The “No Content To Display” screen is the default screen of Headway 3 when you haven’t made any customizations.

      When he went to the URL, he simply typed the URL to the homepage of his site.

      Since he was logged in, he could see Headway 3, but anyone who wasn’t logged in would still see Headway 2.

      Sorry for the confusion! Please let us know if you have any other questions

  9. I can’t get this to work with child themes of the same base theme. Do I need to have to different base themes?

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