Screencast Weekly: What's New in Headway 3.1.2

This first thing you will probably realize is I’ve renamed Screencast Tuesday to Screencast Weekly. If you’ve been noticing lately these posts have been coming out Tuesday or Wednesday. So rather than call these screencasts ‘Screencast Tuesday,’ I figured it would be better to call them ‘Screencast Weekly’ instead. ūüôā

So in the first ‘Screencast Weekly’ we’re taking at look at what’s new in Headway 3.1.2! It’s not being released today, so don’t go getting your hopes up of jumping into your WordPress Dashboard and updating just yet! It will be out later this week! In this screencast I’m going to show you a few new features, some notable bug fixes, and a neat addition to our Responsive Grid, FitVid.js. It provides a way of resizing the video automatically depending on the resolution.

The screencast runs just about 9 minutes. Enjoy!

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4 Responses

  1. AJ:
    Thanks for the update and tour of 3.1.2.
    Getting ready to start a new client build with my HW 3.0 and checking your tutes to smooth the way. Which video addresses a static site setup?

    • ¬†@designarts¬†This should be a good start,¬†,_A-Z (login required). There might not be a specific video, but there’s definitely instructions on setting it up.

      • ¬†@AJMorris¬†Also found this page:¬†¬†
        BTW, here’s another Headway Showcase contender to consider:¬† ¬†On my way! ¬†Thank you!

  2. Thanks AJ! Very excited to learn of the custom post bug fixes. One in particular I was hoping for was the taxonomy archive title – it has been showing a colon… Has that been addressed too?

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