Shutting off comments on the Pages in a Headway WordPress Blog

I wanted to do a quick screencast showing you how you can shut off the comments on the Pages in your Headway blog. Many of you have set up tabs with Pages and I have also noticed you still have comments showing up. Or you are closing the comments on those Pages. A better practice is to use the feature in Headway to shut off the comments on all of the Pages. This does not affect comments in post, only pages.

As always, if you have questions please leave your comments here or jump on your Headway members’ forums and leave questions there. The community is growing fast and we have some very knowledgeable Headway users on the forums.

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  1. Grant would love to see an affiliate program, not being a word press installer I would love to promote your theme to my audience and have you on radio show. Have you considered offering an affiliate program?

  2. HT 206: A little different now-much easier 🙂

    Under Headway 2.0.6 > Configuration > ‘Comments’ tab > Subhead “Pages” > “Show Comments On Pages” – make sure the box is ‘unchecked’.

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