State of HeadwayRocket – Introducing Testimonials and Features v2.0 + Updates for Headway 3.4

Introducing Testimonials and Features v2.0

The guys over at HeadwayRocket have been blazing ahead since they launched their site and first blocks, a mere four months ago and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

They recently posted some big updates to their blocks and we thought it would be a good opportunity to highlight some of the brilliant work they are doing.

Testimonials and Features v2:

If this is the first time your hearing of either of these blocks, you’re definitely missing out!

The Features block makes it really easy to display a list of features for your product, app or service, while the Testimonials block gives you to the tools you need to create a slick testimonials page.

Taking a look under the hood

There are definitely some stand-out features in this update, but the guys from HeadwayRocket have also been doing some big updates to their blocks – under the hood.

The admin options should feel more responsive and the options toggling is a lot smoother.

Manage your Testimonials content in WordPress

If you have used either the Features or Testimonials blocks, you will know that the content is added via the block options in Headway. As of v2, it is now possible to choose whether you want to pull your content from Headway or WordPress.

Manage your Testimonials content in WordPress

Here’s how it works:

You create your Testimonial items in WordPress, organize them using Categories and Tags, then customize the layout and styling inside of Headway. That way you get the best of both worlds.

This doesn’t mean that the Headway content source is no longer useful. There are still scenarios where you would want to display a short list of quotes or features, in which case, adding your content via Headway would be a lot more efficient.

The WordPress content is more useful when you have more content that you want to display on a single page.

New Filtering and ordering

In addition to the new WordPress content source, they also added in some really useful filters, which let you take advantage of the Category and Tags taxonomies. This means you store all your Testimonials in one big box and then only abstract them as needed.

New Filtering and Ordering Options

For example:

Say you have 500 testimonials saved in WordPress, but you only want to display Customer testimonials, or a testimonials for a specific product. Or you want to pull in testimonials that don’t have a lot of content, you could simply create tags like “short” or “long”. This is where the filters really shine.

Testimonials can be filtered by category or tag; or alternatively you can select specific testimonials to be displayed. Additionally, you can order the testimonial items by date, title, random or ID.

Testimonial / Feature single view

For testimonials or features that are longer, you can use WordPress’s readon tag to split the remaining text onto the single item view.

Since the content is stored as a WordPress, you can easily style the single view from within Headway.

New Filtering and Ordering Options

See the v2 updates in action

To coincide with the v2 update, the Rocketeers have put together some videos showing the new features in action.

Features – What is new in v2.0.0

Testimonials – What is new in v2.0.0

Compatibility updates for Headway 3.4

In addition to the big v2 update, the guys from HeadwayRocket have also released updates to all of their blocks, fixing any issues that were discovered with in the recent Headway 3.4 update.

New Filtering and Ordering Options

Want to know more?

Please be sure to visit the Features Block and Testimonials Block in Headway Extend if you wish to learn more.

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