Stay Google “mobile friendly” with Headway and the built-in responsive grid

Google has officially rolled out the mobile-friendly changes.

On February 26, 2015, Google announced a major change to it’s algorithm that will roll out starting April 21, 2015 where “mobile-friendliness” will be expanded as a ranking signal in searches.

The great news is, if you are using Headway version 3.05 or above, you should simply have to turn on the built-in responsive grid to pass Google’s test.  You turn the responsive grid on in Headway with 2 steps.


  1. Access your Headway Visual Editor in Grid Mode
  2. Under Setup, click on the “Responsive Grid” tab & Place a check next to “Enable Responsive Grid” and don’t forget to save!


That’s it!  Most sites should pass Google’s test then with just that one click but there may be other steps needed depending on the design of the site.


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  1. I’ve already been trying that. Sadly a lot of my older sites were built in ways that degrade poorly (fall apart) when resized in the responsive grid. Do you have any tips for what all needs to happen to make these sites work? Seems like a makeover, which clients don’t want to pay for! Here’s just one example on a staging server:


    • Hey Sheila,

      I read this while on my phone, but came back to my computer before responding to try to figure things out. Here are my recommendations for some simple steps.

      1) Remove the side-bar on mobile. It looks really weird with a bunch of space under the fading text (text that is too fast for me to read on my computer). It also looks bad that the contact info comes in above the content.

      2) Set the Title block (whatever you have that set up as) to be responsive. Somehow your logo and title are not falling in line. Maybe they’re in the same block and should be separated? Without looking at your VE, it would take me a while to figure out how you have that set up and give more specific advice.

      3) Change not just to a fluid wrapper (if that is set) but also to a fluid grid. Right now your content block, menu, and side-bar are acting responsive, but other elements are not.

      Those changes should only take a few minutes per site. And since you do link to your business site in the footer, I can see why it would be worth your time.

      Good Luck,


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