The Future of Headway

For the past 7+ years of business in WordPress, Clay and I and our team have had our share of bumps, bruises, and mistakes like anyone who has been in business for any length of time.

To say the past couple of months have been tough for you, in particular, and us is an understatement.

We’re writing today to communicate with you as best we can our mistakes, to apologize for those mistakes and to tell you what we’re doing to remedy them for you.

First of all to our community of amazing users. We admit we’ve made mistakes in not communicating with you as we should have. This post should have went out a long time ago. And we sincerely apologize for this lack of communication.

Headway Support

There has been an absence in support for Headway for too long. We take full responsibility for this. We’ve refocused our efforts to get to as many support inquiries as we can each day in light of the recent issues. If your question or issue has not been answered, please resubmit your ticket and we will work hard to get to you as fast as we can. We will also be adding a first level of support service to make sure your issues are dealt with in a timely manner.

Our community needs and deserves better than you have been getting. We are working hard to make sure you get that.

Headway Updates

There will be a new update for 4.0 coming out in the next month. We plan to continue to push out 4.0 updates on a regular schedule so we can deal with any issues some are having with this new version of Headway. In addition, we are moving 4.0 back to a beta status and will continue to provide and support 3.8.8 as the current public version. We should have done this sooner. However sometimes it is hard to admit there are issues with something you have worked hard on to produce. It is still our belief 4.0 is the future and will be an amazing new version for Headway.

Since we are moving 4.0 back to a beta status, any input or suggestions anyone may have please let us know. Especially issues. We need to know what issues are out there for some so we can deal with them. Beta testing is a very important process for any application or software release. Any help we can get is much appreciated.

Headway’s Future

First and foremost, yes there has been some difficulties financially for the company. Frankly, difficulties we were not prepared for and not expecting. The WordPress theme market is very busy right now. Competition is heavy. Especially in the drag and drop realm. However, we still feel Headway is the best and the original WordPress drag and drop theme builder on the market. It is our promise we will do everything in our power to bring it back to the front and 4.0 will help us do just that. And we hope to do so with your continued support.

As we started this post to you mentioning 7+ years in business, we would only ask that you look back on our long track record of business and support, not only in this community but in WordPress itself, and allow us this chance to make things right and good yet again for you.

You’ve been an incredibly supportive community. And we’re so very thankful for your support of Headway and us through the years.

Although many aspects of our business must and should remain private for a number of reasons, we’ll do our best to share transparently what is happening and what the future holds for Headway as we continue to move forward.

Until then, we’re getting back to work for you. Today. Tomorrow. And on.

Thank you for your continue patience, support, understanding as we do so.

— Grant and Clay

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73 Responses

  1. That is good news IMHO. I have a lot riding on your product, house, wife, kids education, business, etc… so to read that you are owning up to past mistakes and want to move forward and build the next iteration of the best theme framework out there, you have my support.

    • Thanks so much for your support. And we certainly understand how much is riding on our continued success as it affects so many others.

  2. I sure hope there is a future for HW.
    It is unique from all other products.

    I have shared my love for it in the past.
    I will again in the future when I know there is something to love about it again.

    My license is up next month.
    I am not confident enough to consider paying good money for another year.

    Once my license is up, I will continue to check in and communicate with other users.
    When and if there is a usable 4.x, then I am likely to renew.

    3.8.8 may well be the best product out there, at least for how I design.
    Once on your feet again as a business you should consider stronger marketing.
    If more people knew about HW it could sit atop the pile and rule all.

    Very few people know it even exists.

    • Keith there is a bright future for Headway and everyone who depends on it for their business and sites. We will be working very hard to make sure of that. As for your renewal, I certainly understand if you want to wait and see. That is just good business.

  3. It is good to have some communication finally. For those of using HW for our business, we’ve incurred lost time, costs and some volatility. Going forward, your communication combined with positive actions can be pivotal. I want to continue using HW 3.8.8 in my development and look forward to a stable 4.x.

    Mature communication and customer focused dialog should be a top priority. There are many of us that have some disappointment, anger or some other thing to get over. I hope everyone can take personal responsibility, refrain from aggressive or destructive comments without also balancing with something constructive. I also detect passive aggressiveness, sarcasm and the like. Let’s just focus on acknowledging the problems and rebuilding relationships.

    Marketing of technology used to be a first-mover game to win. Now, there’s some many products and competitors, the winners are the “artists” that can compel change in others by their attitude. It’s actually very good that the WP drag-n-drop theme market is succeeding. It shows a viable, proven market. Effective communications and campaigns can vault Headway to the top tier. Conversely, lack of communication and negative social proof is destructive. I suggest a laser focus with Headway’s marketing going forward. I believe HW is the best theme for professional designers and website builders.

    • Thanks Peter. You nail it with communication being very important to dialog between any company and their customers/community. I firmly believe you will see a vast improvement with that from here on out.

      Also, thanks for your input on marketing. We will be ramping that up too.

    • Peter,

      Thanks for the comment!

      I definitely agree with you that being the first isn’t the only thing that’s required these days :-). We’ll continue pushing forward and improving our communication.

  4. Grant and Clay,

    To write this post takes a lot of guts and shows great character.
    You both have been in this business a long time. Things may seem tough right now but you guys have an awesome product and amazing community and will pull through this.

    • Gary, I sincerely apologize for mistreating you in any way. Our intention is to take care of people and we failed. It’s been a big learning lesson for us and we will seek to do better in the future.

      We’ve taken all of this to heart and are making changes to not let this happen again.

        • Corey, even though this is an internal matter. In the interest of transparency, yes both Gary and Jamie will be taken care of. The second matter is an internal matter at this time and will be brought forward at a later time. Thanks

  5. So: for those of us who purchased 4.0 trusting it was stable and ready, how do you propose to compensate now that you’re now downgrading it to a beta?

    I (and others, no doubt) are well beyond the 30 day we’re guaranteed a refund, but as you ought to understand, having this furor explode in our faces resulted in us sitting back and … waiting. At the very least you should extend our money-back guarantee to be 30 days from when you publish a STABLE version of 4.x.

    Otherwise? Good luck to you. Acknowledge where your weaknesses lie (hint: communication?!) and hire to compensate.

    • Anna, you are spot on as to a weakness we had and are working hard to fix. Communication is an important element of any business and we did drop the ball there. We will have a solid version of 4.0.x out soon. In the meantime any suggestions you have or issues you experienced, please let us know. Thanks for your honest comment too. We should all learn from our mistakes.

  6. I am so happy you guys have been able to give us some re-assurance on this brilliant product which is the core of my website design business I will continue to subscrbe to Headway Themes as it truly is one of the best platforms I have ever used, keep up with the hard work Grant and Clay!

  7. Ok… Now get going and do the right thing from now on! My business is depending on it.
    Go go go Grant and Clay! Cheer up and get to work, i have been a user for some time and we deserve your best effort.

    Good luck to you.

    • Thanks Corne. We are working hard to make sure we can all move forward with Headway in all of our futures. Thanks for being a long time user. And you are exactly right. You do deserve our best efforts.

  8. Grant and Clay, just want to echo what Michael Torbert said … I’ve known you guys since your launch and through the ups and downs we’ve all faced.

    I look back on all the good you’ve done throughout that time, and am happy to call you friends.

    Headway was and is an outstanding, innovative product that helps thousands of thousands of people around the globe.

    I wish you guys and the great people of the Headway community all the best as you move through this tough time to brighter times for everyone.

  9. I purchased HW4 only in May based it being a finished product. Since then, I have regretted that decision. You released a product that was not complete and then essentially disappeared right after launching it. Based on what I have seen so far, you do not have my trust and I will not be using your theme on any of my client sites. It’s just too precarious. How do I get a refund for my purchase?

  10. Grant and Clay – you have built and incredible product and a really fantastic community, over the years. If running a business was always sunshine and rainbows – everyone would do it and everyone would excel at it and no one would stand out. But it’s not – – and Headway has stood out because you are both in there and in the thick of the grind every single day.

    My experiences with both of you, and with Headway, over the years has been nothing but solid, above board and sound practices, as well as ethical business practice and while the road is bumpy right now, I have every confidence that you will pull through this while taking care of your developers, team and customers in the same way you always have.

    I’m excited to see this announcement and hear of your commitment and am looking forward to seeing you weather this storm and come out the other end of this stronger for it. I know it’s a rough road – – good luck to all involved!

    • Thank you so much for your words of support Lisa. And especially for your support and most important, your friendship over these last 7 years. We look forward to many many more years in business and in all of the friendships we have been blessed with.

  11. Grant and Clay … to lay it all out there for your customers like this takes real courage. Having been through the highs and the lows with my own theme business, I know how easy it is to make all the wrong decisions even though the right ones are so obvious in hindsight. I took the easy way out and sold. The fact that you’ve recognized your mistakes, communicated them publicly and are taking steps to fix them shows your devotion to your customers and business.

    It’s easy to forget as customers that behind any business/brand there are actual people who experience the same ups and downs we all do, navigating the best we can with what’s been handed to us. These are people with so many strengths building the products you love, but just as many weaknesses when the chips are down.

    Even though we don’t talk as much as we used to, I know I’m a better person for having been able to become friends with Grant and Clay more than 8 years ago. I’ll always have their backs and wish them the best.

    • Jason, thanks for your words of wisdom and support. And for your support and friendship the last 8 years. Please send our best to your family too. Miss seeing you guys.

  12. Hi. I have some sites built with HW 4. So there is no downgrade to 3.8.8 possible. And now that v4 is back to beta and my licens expire before any stable release of V4. What can I do, and what shall I tell my clients when I built their sites with a beta version??? Do I have to pay of a stable release of V4?

  13. Grant, Clay – Just want to add another voice of support. I think most business owners, especially in the WordPress product space, can empathize with these challenges.

    Financially, the competitiveness, open licensing, and revenue models in the WordPress space can be tough. Technically, because of the distributed nature of WordPress and the resulting lack of control over the environments in which software are used, pushing major updates smoothly can also be a challenge.

    You’ve done great work over the years. And while it’s painful – to both customers and yourselves – to experience some temporary bumps right now, I know you’re giving 100% to push through, serve your community, and move your products forward. I’m confident Headway and its community will get through this and come out stronger.

  14. It is good to have some communication finally. For those of us using HW for our business, we’ve incurred lost time, costs and volatility. Going forward, your communication combined with positive actions can be pivotal. I want to continue using HW 3.8.8 in my development and look forward to a stable 4.x.

    Mature communication and customer focused dialog should be a top priority. There are many of us that have some disappointment, anger or some other thing to get over. I hope everyone can take personal responsibility, refrain from aggressive or destructive comments without also balancing their comments with something constructive. I also detect passive aggressiveness, sarcasm and the like. Let’s just focus on acknowledging the problems and rebuilding relationships.

    Marketing of software technology used to be a first-mover game in niche markets. Now, there’s so many products and competitors, the winners are the “artists” that can compel change in others by their attitude.

    It’s actually very good that the WP drag-n-drop theme market is succeeding. With more than 25% of all websites being built on WordPress, there’s lot of business available for good products. The WordPress themes and tools market segment is a viable, proven market. Effective communications and campaigns can vault Headway to the top tier. Conversely, lack of communication and negative social proof is destructive. I suggest a laser focus with Headway’s marketing going forward. I believe HW is the best theme for professional designers and website builders.

    Headway management needs to make-good with users, ex-staff, extend-partners and others to regain trust and get much needed help from the community. We’re willing to help, if we will be treated right.

  15. Grant and Clay,

    While personally I may have serious doubts about whether or not your words have any meaning at this stage, I guess the only way to win back any kind of trust is by actions, and not speaking.

    On that level, and with a tacit understanding that you are now attempting to dig yourselves out of a ditch and get back onto level ground, will you be publishing some kind of roadmap so that people can see what is being worked on, and what progress is being made?

    If there is no plan, then it makes it very difficult to ascertain if the words spoken are a diversion, or if something is actually being done to remedy the situation.

    Not asking for granular details, just a roadmap with a few milestones.

    I’ve seen this question come up repeatedly. What’s the plan?

    • Guy,

      I completely understand.

      I know we’ll be changing up the forums to allow for voting and submitting feature requests.

      From there, we can create a roadmap based off of feedback since there are so many possible features added and changes that can be made to Headway 4.

      • Clay,

        Thanks for the quick reply.

        Headway has a long road to recovery I think, and I would like to give you the benefit of the doubt even if I have been a vocal critic recently.

        I do hope that your promises are more than empty words, in particular but by no means limited to the very clear pain it has caused to Gary and Jamie.

        I’m not alone in having a tremendous amount of respect for them, as well as all of the other associated developers who made Headway into what it was before things went wrong.

        I will be following your progress with great interest, and as long as your words hold up and compensation is made to the former support staff, then I also wish you all the best for a speedy recovery.



    • Guy,

      I appreciate your honesty in your comment. You are certainly right. Actions will speak much loader than words. We are committed to moving forward with communication, transparency and just as important solid and regular actions to power threw this. Clay and I also look forward to the continued support and accountability from the amazing Headway community. Thanks!!!

  16. Good idea to put v4 back in beta.
    Sounds like it all got a bit overwhelming… Been there.

    Sending my positive vibes to you guys… I hope you get the passion back for continuing headway, even if in a different pathway.

    It’s true the drag and drop market is alight at the moment… But headway is something different. Headway for me is about building solid core structure. It’s not a page builder.

    Headway is like visual Genesis. In this way it is awesome. There is no point trying to be like Beaver Builder… Embrace BB and focus on headway as a theme framework for speed, accessibility and developer friendly.

    Don’t spread yourself too thin trying to be all things. The market has changed, however there is a huge place for headway.

    What attracted me to headway was that it works firmly around the WordPress template hierarchy.

    What I am seeing on a lot of sites too heavily reliant on page builders is a complete disregard of the WordPress hierarchy…and sites that are more plugin than wordpress. I don’t think that’s good for WordPress.
    For instance using a third party add on for a plugin, to create base level site structure feels like it might end in tears.
    Whereas headway feels like it handles things in the right order.

    Hope that makes sense. Adapt guys, but keep it simple and focused. You already lost a bunch of customers to the page builders… Those people were always going to move on. But you do have a loyal fan base who will pay you and live your product.

    All the best… And I have no problem renewing my developer license.

    Everyone deserves another chance.

  17. Grant & Clay, I too wanted to echo my support for you guys…I was fortunate enough to build a successful freelance agency while working with you in support and many other aspects. I truly look back on my experience and working with you was a stepping stone to my successes today.

    I really appreciate you guys being honest with yourselves and the awesome community you have built over the years. The community has been your biggest cheerleaders and my hope for you is that it will continue.

    I wish Headway and the community all the best as you begin to put this behind you and begin to rebuild trust and support for each other.

  18. Thank you both for the update. It is very overdue but much appreciated.
    To echo what others have said I will give my trust back based on seeing these changes actioned. I hope it works out because I love Headway as a product and have not been able to find anything other there that matches it unique method for producing websites.

  19. Hey, am I the only one who thinks HW 4.07 isn’t as bad as everyone is saying?

    Honestly, the only thing that’s bugged for me right now is the responsive ordering.

    But then again, most of the things that I’m doing require a lot of coding, and I only use Headway for its layout, templating and inheritance system – which is the best on the market.

    • When I have used headway I am the same… I don’t use the design tools… Just use it to quickly build overall structure with the excellent inheritance system like you mention.

      Hooks and css for the rest.

      It’s really good for this.

      I sort of wish there was a headway developer edition that was purely for how I use it.

  20. Hi, long time user and big fan of Headway.

    May I suggest setting up a (private / anonymous?) suggestion form for business specific issues?
    Some of us may have some insight and suggestions that may help regain a stronger market position and better (renewed?) customer credibility.

    Dan (Business / Tech advisor for Startups in NYC)

  21. I am a graphic designer. Some day I thought it would be great to try and build a website by myself, which I had never tried before — at the same time I was wondering if I had gone crazy. I began looking, learned some HTML, some CSS, did a research… I had heard about WordPress, and then found Headway. Since that, I’ve made quite a few websites, and — which is best — thanks to Headway I’ve learned a lot of HTML, a lot of CSS,… even some PHP, MySQL,… I just renewed my Deluxe Subscription. My point is simple to state: I need, and love Headway.

  22. Hi Guys,
    the following might not be much but I think Headway has trully helped me build websites, Specially mock-ups or wireframing to customers as a web designer instead of waiting for a developer to do the coding everytime there is a change , the thing I like the most was the support found in the Forums where my questions where reponded quickly not only by the support team but by other forum members. Same as someone else said. Headway is the best for layout, templating and inheritance system which is the place you guys might want to focus “No need to create a Slider block for example” as there are thousand of good plugins out there that will do just the same. I will be happy to renew my Licence once a stable version of 4.xx comes to live.

    PS. Something that I trully think would like people is the ability to setup breakpoints whithin the Visual editor it is good you can see how the website looks in a mobile in headway 4 but it would also be good to easily set new parameters when responsive.

  23. I wanted to add my two cents here as well. Headway was and is such a big part of how I build websites that I was truly terrified to think it might be going away. I’m glad to see that you are trying to repair some of the damage that has happened in the last 7 or 8 months. I think the road ahead will be tough, but I do believe Headway can make a come back.
    I know that I would feel much better going forward with Headway if I knew that Jamie and Gary will be taken care of. I have built many sites with Headway, have had several sites featured on the Headway site and I don’t think any of that would have been possible without Gary and Jamie’s help. They came through for me so many times and went above and beyond what I would expect from any support community. They were so valuable to the Headway community which I think is why so many of us are truly upset by how they have been treated. Please take care of them and let us all know that this is happening. It will go a long way in repairing the damage.
    I also would really like to see a more aggressive marketing pitch to world of WordPress. More tutorials, more videos, more blocks, etc. I signed up last year for the Elegant Themes newsletter and I can’t believe how much really great content they put out for their themes. And, the hype that they’ve built for Divi 3.0 has been amazing. We need some of that kind of marketing to get people excited about Headway. I also think it would be help to really be clear what Headway does. It’s not a page builder. It has been my Theme builder since I found it. Coupled with Beaver Builder it’s the perfect combination. I’d even love to see you offer it with the Free version of Beaver Builder. Integrate something like that with Headway and it would truly rule.
    Anyway, that’s all I have for now. I would be happy to help in the marketing effort. I’m sure others would as well. Please keep us informed, reach out for help from the community. We can get past this if we all work together to make sure Headway is successful. We need you and you need us.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      HW have said that they will “take care of us”. I’m optimistic that they don’t mean that in a Sopranos or mafia kinda way 🙂

  24. The fact that people were up in arms is a testament to the very things you point out in the letter. You built a great community and people care that things seemed to be losing steam. Great to hear about your eagerness to make things right.

    I don’t envy anyone having to move a release back to beta. That’s probably one of my greatest fears, as I sit here today working on a product.

    Best wishes to you both!

  25. Good to hear there is a bright future ahead for Headway and things are changing for the better. I will continue to support Headway as I have been using in since version 2.0 and we have a fantastic community of Headway users.

    I also believe it is the best solution out there for WordPress design / development. I look forward to the release of 4.0 and the future.

    Best wishes to you both!

  26. Guys here’s an idea. Just a random one.
    Headway 4. You are taking it back to beta. How about…release this as open source and the community can develop headway 4…and you guys focus on what is already awesome 3.x

    I like how for instance wp toolset and dynamik website builder are focusing more on aligning their product with the array of tools many site designers and builders are using rather than a total make over.

    For instance tighter integration with the most used tools… Beaver builder, meta slider and what not.

    Just an idea.

  27. I’m pretty happy with Headway, but it should be easier to use. I wish it were it’s own stand-alone product instead of relying on WordPress for it’s functionality. (Yeah, I know that was probably a dumb statement, but still… it’s OWN CMS would be nice.)

    One thing I just don’t understand (and I know programmers will probably roll their eyes when I say this as well, but)… a program should allow the common man to fulfill a function that DOESN’T involve coding in any way. A graphical user interface that allows the user to do something specific… design a full functioning website to sell a product, write a letter, paint a digital picture, compose music, edit a video. I see so many products for website creation fall far short of that. They get a part of it right, but then expect the user to take over some aspect of coding. It’s like the programmers gave up midway and said… oh well, I don’t want to continue to make this easy for people so I’ll just throw in the option of inserting your own code (since I know how to code).

    Yes… the option should be there for advanced users to input code, but then again, there’s no reason why every code function can’t be integrated into a button or option on the GUI. I don’t think about how Microsoft Word functions behind the scenes… I just know that I can write a letter to my Aunt Kathy quickly and efficiently. I don’t know how the inner coding of PhotoShop works… I just know I can paint and illustrate wonderful pictures with it. Everything is on the GUI… even if it is complicated. It’s there.

    I just don’t understand why this is so hard. Thousands of people are expressing this wish of having full design control and easy functioning of product/order processing and yet every website creation product out there functions like you are using a left handed screwdriver to pound a nail.

    EVERYBODY (young, old, dumb, smart) should be able to publish a website exactly the way they want it to look and function – quickly and easily, without having to learn a textbook of CSS, Javascript, HTML, or PHP. 80% of it is just graphic design and publishing. The internet has been around for HOW long now… and still… it’s all about learning code, learning code, learning code.

    Professional website creators should be designers, not programmers. This shouldn’t be difficult. There are advanced software packages for everything these days… but website creation programs still feel like they are half constructed, patch-work pseudo-programs that still need the programming supplied by a very savvy client (who just wants to run his business) or a coding nerd in order to function.

    Oh well… maybe someday I’ll see it happen. When I’m 90 years old perhaps.

  28. I agree that Headway is the best on the market for its layout, templating and inheritance system. I will like to see a tighter integration with the most used tools… Elementor, King Composer, Divi3 and Visual Composer.

    I like to see a development roadmap …

    I love HW. Keep up the great work!

  29. I’m guessing I was one of the early adopters. I loved HW then and love it now. Admittedly, 4.x frustration was high. So, focus, get it right, and maybe as a show of solidarity, all of us developers can pitch in, once it’s stable, and help you get the word out. I’m sure we are all creative enough to come up with some viral marketing ideas. I can, for instance, consider producing a promo video. Others can blog about the update, etc. Let’s all just make sure that we stay both energized and coordinated so that we can make the right amount of noise at the right time. Indeed, our businesses depend on you to a large extent so your short term survival and long term success, are a win-win.

  30. Hi Grant and Clay – Thank you for this blog post.
    I’ve been using Headway for nearly 4 years, and although my business is small, I use it for all my paying client sites. I won’t deny it when it all hit the fan I wobbled. I started to look at other drag and drop themes out there but saddened by the prospect of having to “start again” when I had become so comfortable and familiar with Headway. Now, though, I feel a surge of optimism return – this post has given me hope for a bright future with Headway and as such my continued support and use.

  31. I use it for my business as well. The days are short enough with all the things we have to do….If you can keep supporting this and making it better would be good for a lot of us. I moved to headway and have been happy ever since..learning what I need to as and when it presents. It is the best product in its class..But i understand about the competition and clones….must be tough. hope it works out for all of us.

  32. Please please please, continue to build and make better your amazing product. I have many paying clients who rely on your software. I’m a huge supporter, and would like to see the product continue to grow and be supported. So happy to have found this post and some communication from the company.

  33. It would be awesome to hear something. Anything really. Transparency, honesty and commitment to move forward would get your community behind you. Right now, as you can see in the comments – we are waiting but not sure what we’re waiting for. At some point we’ll just give up and move on if no real communication is offered (it’s been a month and a half with no word). It’s hard to help you when we don’t know what you need help with. Let us help. Tell us how we can. I think your user base may surprise you with our willingness and ability to really dig in and help.

    • Headway is alive and well. Support is being provided. An update was just pushed a week or so ago in 3.8.9. With more updates to come. Thx!

  34. Is headway Themes dead again? It hasn’t been updated for a while and I start to beleave that HW4 will never come…
    I understand if you have financial problems that prevents you from developing the product.
    But PLEASE give honest answer, are you planning to fix HW4 or not?
    I maybe little pissed of if you admint you have forgot the project, but it’s still ok. Atleast I can then seek the similar product elsewhere.

    And don’t get me wrong. I love headway Themes and I think its the best solution available, but I may soon have to make the switch to another theme

    • Headway is alive and well. Support is being provided. An update was just pushed a week or so ago in 3.8.9. With more updates to come. Thx!

  35. Yey. I still support Headway as #1 WordPress builder. Absolutely not doubting it’ll be unfairly left behind. Thank you very much dear developers for continued V4 support. 🙂 Andre.

  36. Hi Guys,
    I love Headway and have been using it for at least 5 years. I confess, I love Headway 4 with its greatly improved mobile menu and responsive features and have built several sites with it. Yes it has some bugs that need to be squashed but I am surprised at the resistance to it. I think the main issue for longtime users is that they felt disoriented with 4’s big use of the WordPress Customizer rather than the visual editor but that is the way that WordPress wants you to build themes now and I think they did a terrific job of integrating it. I just want Clay & Grant to know that for many professionals Headway is an essential tool and we support you and we need you to succeed.

    • I tested every WordPress website / theme builder on the market, free and premium… but I kept coming back to Headway Themes. It’s truly a visual tool and you can create absolutely custom websites.

      I just hope Grant & Clay haven’t lost the motivation to continue driving it forward. Despite all that’s happened, the community should collectively help out in any way possible and make things good again.

  37. I love Headway! I’m a bit of a newbie and didn’t realise there were any mistakes for you to own up to! My experience using Headway has been really positive.
    Thanks for your honest and candid post though – I think its amazing when companies can be sincere and up front about the challenges of doing business.
    Keep up the great work and dedication 🙂

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