The Headway marketplace, Headway Extend is officially open for business

Well, its finally here and we are very excited here at Headway to officially say Headway Extend is now open.

As you know, we had planned for the opening of Headway Extend for Wednesday, June 13th. Here it is a day late and for that we are very sorry. However, even the best laid plans sometimes get a wrench thrown in them. Not only were we working hard to push open the doors on Headway Extend. We also have pushed out an update for Headway version 3.2.

Wouldn’t you know it, WordPress pushed out 3.4 right in the middle of this. While the entire Team has been using 3.4 since it was in RC, it seems WordPress decided to add a few things we simply missed in our planning. As such, we had to put the opening on hold while we made some adjustments to the marketplace and to Headway 3.2.

With the new marketplace comes an entirely new backend to handle what basically is membership information for our customers. We are moving away from Amember and to make sure the updating and upgrading worked properly for all of you, we had to import all of our customers from Amember to our new system. No matter how ready our system is to accept the information, it would seem moving it from Amember to the new system was not as smooth as we had hoped. This took a bit more time over the last 24 to 48 hours then we had planned.

Now the Good News

You can find the marketplace right in the navigation at the top of the Headway site. Simply click on “Extend” and you are there. We have Headway products broken down into two areas on the left hand side of the screen. One for themes and one for blocks.

This is our first selection of themes and blocks with more coming on a regular basis. We have some planned for the next couple of weeks in fact.

Not only our own themes and blocks in Headway Extend. There are some amazing community produced add-ons too.  Both with the grand opening and more coming as often as our 3rd party developers want to add them.

New Look to Headway Site

You will also notice some changes we have made to the Headway site. We wanted to better highlight the amazing features and benefits of what Headway offers.  AJ has been working on some new videos showing what the features of Headway offer too.  They are short and to the point.

Clay and his Team also worked hard to build what you see in Headway Extend.  Not only is the marketplace on the site completely new.  We built an entirely new backend to handle Headway Extend.

Bonuses and Thanks

To celebrate the grand opening we have a few announcements.

First, we are offering a 30% discount to anyone who wants to upgrade to the Lifetime plan. The code for that is hwlifetime30

If you are thinking about upgrading to the Lifetime plan, you will want to do so soon. Clay and I have decided to do away with this option and only have 3 license plans.

Next, we are offering a 33% discount on our sister product Pippity. Just use the code Pippity33 over at Pippity to take advantage of that offer.

Finally, two of our WordPress friends have given us a discount we can share with you too.

The developers of BackupBuddy have provided us with a 33% off discount on the brand new BackupBuddy 3.0. Simply use [removed due to coupon scalpers] when you purchase BackupBuddy.

Plus, our favorite forms plugin, Gravity Forms has provided us with a 30% off coupon too. Use [removed due to coupon scalpers]  when you purchase Gravity Forms.

These offers are good until Friday, June 22th, 2012 at noon Central Time U.S.

Due to coupon scalpers the coupon codes have been removed. Please email me directly at and I will be happy to share the coupon with you if you are a Headway customer.  Thanks for your understanding.

Final Thoughts

Once again, thanks to all of you for your patience as we worked hard bringing you Headway Extend.

As always, if you have any questions or comments please leave a comment here or email me direct at

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26 Responses

  1. Great work guys!  I love the fact you think big. Without that chutzpah Headway wouldn’t be the best theme around.  Hope you get some sleep sometime soon.
    A small problem, can’t log in to the member’s area, say’s the password isn’t working and the reset gives a message that ” Please Check Back Soon. We’re currently migrating our database and will be back online very soon.”

  2. Good Work, In my members dashboard it says I have “3 Headway extend credits.” what does this mean and how can I use them?

    •  @OliverSpear This is reflective of the license you have.  You can use those three credits to grab one of the official Headway add-ons. Such as one or three child themes. Plus you can use those when ever you want. They never expire.

    •  @raizenman It depends on the child theme. However, most of them will not allow the use of the design mode as the styling is set by the child theme.  The ones you see now are grid ready meaning you can add blocks and move those around using the grid system in the visual editor.  Thanks

  3. Will you be adding official Headway Blocks soon. Also when will the buddy press add-on be in extend?

    •  @OliverSpear We have some official Headway blocks coming this week if our testing works as planned. The BuddyPress block will be out shortly too.

  4. Hi, I am having trouble accessing the section where I can update from the old developers licence to your current offer for the “LIFETIME” plan.    It’s terrific you have this offer, and I would love to purchase it, but how??

  5. Can you use the new blocks on multiple sites or do you have to license and buy a certain block for each site. I’ve looked around and can’t seem to find info on this.

  6. Looking forward to BuddyPress block too and seeing what official blocks you release.
    With my trance site, do you think any of the new blocks will be of interest to me? I’m currently going through a redesign jumping up from 2.0 to 3.0 🙂

  7. What’s the story on the “lifetime” plan mentioned in this post?  It says the expiration is 6/22 at noon… today is 6/20, but I can’t find the pricing info anywhere.

  8. Are there any official Headway Blocks coming out this week as mentioned? Could really do with the Buddy Press Block 🙂 

    •  @OliverSpear BuddyPress block should be out.  And that one is a 3rd party block too.  Just an FYI.  Thanks

      •  @GrantGriffiths Hi Grant, Any news on the Buddy Press Block? Do you see it coming out before the end of this week?

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