The Headway Twitter Chat Returns!!

Last year we started a popular chat on Twitter (because it’s all the rage these days!! :P) every week on Wednesday, but during the summer we went on temporary hiatus.

Now that the holidays are over, 3.0 is shipped, and we’re ready to start it back up! So one week from today, we’ll be rebooting our Twitter chat with talk of 3.0.5 and all it’s packed goodness. If you aren’t following @HeadwayThemes on twitter, or any of our staff, make sure you do! And if you aren’t following our official Headway hashtag, make sure you add a column for #headwaywp.

So join us next Wednesday on Twitter at 8PM Central Standard Time as we talk about Headway 3.0.5!

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  1. I am having problems loading templates or even cloning pages.. Nothing shows  up on the grid. I was working in layout 404 (wrong page) so I wanted to work on the home page… and cannot apply the template I created form layout 404 to apply to it. please help!!!!

    •  @gabrielas Sorry to hear you are having support issues. Please visit our forums though as comments are not the proper place to get support. Thanks!

      •  @AJMorris HI
        I am totally stuck in my project. I started working in heady.. and realized I was working on a blog page when I really wanted to work on a home static page. I’ve learned to set this up in the dashboard.. and when I was in the visual editor the home desapear. I tried several different things and nothing work. (creating a template, cloning a page etc.) and now is saying that I am editing 404layout page.
        What is wrong?

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