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One of the most common misconceptions about Headway is that you have to use the Header block for your header and the Footer block for the footer. Those blocks are meant to streamline things for you but by no means are you required to use them.


Many people want to create widgetized footers but the footer block doesn’t have this capability – so you are out of luck. Wrong! All you have to do is use a widget block instead of a footer block.

But then your widgets will display vertically, right? Wrong. We thought about that too! There’s an option in the widget block to display your widgets horizontally. We’ve already gone ahead and created a video tutorial for that!

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In addition, don’t forget about the custom copyright option for the footer block to add text, links and more. You can always add additional blocks to get the desired look for your footer. We actually cover that in this tutorial over on the blog.

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Similarly, you don’t have to use the Header block to display your site title and tagline, you could use a text block and manually type those things in or you could use a custom code block and add in the appropriate template tags.

To help you out, we’ve provided some Common PHP Snippets.


We’ve tried to make adding a menu as simple as possible with the built-in navigation block but if you want more control, you could look into adding your own custom menu. You could place the code for that in a custom code block instead of using the navigation block. Please see the WordPress Codex for more on custom menus. Here’s another article to check out about registering menus in your theme. To use a custom menu with Headway, you will need a child theme.

These are just some ideas to get you thinking about different ways to use blocks and is no way an exhaustive list. If you have specific questions, ask away in the comments or you can always post a thread in the support forum!

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