3 Less Common Use Cases for Multiple Content Blocks in a Layout

Have you ever wondered why you need so many options on the Content Block? Most often when you’re using a single content block in your layout, you’re using it in Default Mode. But there’s a whole world of options for you under Custom Query, and today we’ll go over a few helpful use case scenarios to get your creative juices flowing and push you to make the most of that Content Block!

1. Spice Up Your Blog’s Homepage

 Multiple Loops on WordPress Homepage with Headway

You don’t have to be running an online magazine to take advantage of a magazine-style layout.  If your site has been established for a little while, you probably have loads of great content – show it off! A Content Block with excerpts from your latest posts – or even your latest post in full – is great. But what about all the rest of that space? Instead of filling your homepage with the same widgets your visitors will see as they dive deeper into your blog, spice it up and drop another couple of Content Blocks on the page. You can set each of these to Custom Query mode and pull in content from a specific author (if you have more than one author on your blog) or a specific category. Now, don’t just leave it as a plain list of posts with Title, Meta & Excerpt; we can really make this area pop by using the Display Options to hide the Excerpt and the Meta and display just the title and the Featured Image, or the Title, Featured Image and Byline (for a multi-author blog).

2. Make Your 404 Error Page Useful

Add Latest Posts to WordPress 404 Page with Headway It’s a fact of websites: We all have broken links. But your 404 page doesn’t need to be a dead end for your users! You have the ability to customize the layout for your 404 Error page in the Headway Visual Editor; so edit it and add another Content Block to show posts from a category, an author, or just the latest 5 posts from your site. Show them in full, show them in excerpt – whatever you think will be most useful. Play with the layout! Add Block Titles to help organize the content for your visitor, or get cheeky with it. Have fun on your 404 Error page and you’re more likely to get your visitor to read another resource rather than going back to Google to read your competitors  site!

3. Bring Page Excerpts Onto Your Front Page


Use automatically-generated excerpts from your WordPress Pages to tease your audience into reading more by using the Fetch Page option in Custom Query Mode.  If you’d like more control over your excerpts (like the ability to write a custom excerpt) try installing the free Page Excerpts plugin.  If you’d like to include HTML tags or images in your page excerpts, you might want to check out Advanced Excerpt (also free). When you consider the ability to style each of these Content Blocks independently for unique backgrounds, borders, and font styles – you’ve got a fabulous way to draw attention to products, services, or anything else that you need to promote on your homepage – while keeping management of those elements easy to handle in the WordPress admin.

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  1. Can I use the content block to display ONE post? Just one post. I don’t want to list the latest posts. I just want to a post.

    Thank you!

  2. How do i create a category menu in Headway?? I just want to have an icone that displays the names of the categories.

    Thank you!

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