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One of the most amazing things we see here at Headway Themes is seeing what 3rd party developers are doing in their building of add-ons for Headway. Chris Howard’s Plus series of blocks, the first set of blocks in Headway Extend have already been a huge success.

The new Block we just released in Headway Extend is from the guys over at Headway Labs and it is called the Utility Block. Let me just say, this block is incredible! After you watch the videos Headway Labs have done, I know you are going to be blown away.

If you can’t wait to watch the videos, check out the Utility Block Demo first.

Headway Extend Utility Block


Have you ever wanted to create a block in Headway that had the logo and the menu inside of it? So which block do you choose… menu or header?

With the Utility block you can add these (and many other common site elements) to a block – and then easily position and style them using Headway’s awesome user interface

Use this block to build your own headers, footers and a variety of other blocks by combining the various utilities inside different blocks. There are 9 utilities in this release. Add menus, social icons, search, logo, tagline, copyright, page title, page sub-title, back to top. Then position and style them all without touching any code.

The Utilities


Add a text based or image logo to a block. Once added, you can set the logo text and upload an image. Once you have done this, you can position the logo exactly where you want it. If you are using a text logo, then you can style it from the design panel.


Add a tagline utility and the description of your site will be added to the block as your website tagline. You can then overide this and add your own text. Then position and style your tagline just how you want.


Inserting a menu into a utility block, does the same thing as adding a new menu block in headway. It creates a menu location so you can assign menu items to it. However, when added into a utility block, you can easily position it within a block containing other utilities such as a logo or search.

Social icons

Easily create links and upload social icons for any of your social websites and then position them inside a block with other utilities.


Add a search box into a block and then position it where you want. This makes it easy to have a logo, menu and search all in the same block. You can also style the search input.

Page Title

If a block has the pagetitle utility set, it will output the current page’s page title. This is useful to create a block at the top of pages that displays the page title with an action link to the right.

Page Subtitle

This works the same as the page title, but instead of using the current page title, the sub title is added into a meta box on the post or page edit screen. Using the page title and sub title together, you could create a page that has a nice heading and sub text. eg. Our Blog / Welcome to and enjoy our blog.


Use the utility block to build your footer. Then add the copyright utility and then set the text you want then position and style it. You can then add other footer type utilities such as the back to top, a menu or even social icons.

Back to top

Add’s a link that when clicked scrolls the browser back to the top of the page. As with all other utilities, you can position and style them within Headway’s visual editor.

Extend with any shortcodes or html

The utilities are built using shortcodes and added to the Utility builder editor either using the click to add or typing the utility name in the editor eg. [ logo ] without the spaces after and before the []

We did this so it would be easy to mix in your own html and or any wordpress shortcodes with our utilities.

Get the Utility Block Today!

Click here to learn more about the Utility Block

Please note: The Utility Block is not an official Headway Block. Since it is built by a 3rd party developer, Headway Extend credits cannot be applied toward this block.

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20 Responses

  1. This block looks terrific, my question is “can it be used on child themes such as ‘Tabloid’?”,  because it looks like you need access to the ‘Design Editor’ in order to use the Utility Block, or have I misunderstood this.

    •  @ChrisWD Hey Chris,
      You can still use the Utility Block and its built-in tool to position the elements, but you won’t be able to style the individual elements inside of the Utility Block unless you use CSS.
      We will be working out a solution to allow limited Design Editor access for child themes that wish to disable the Design Editor.

  2. That’s what I like about Headwaythemes, “It’s doin what it shouldn’t”
    I have purchased the block.

  3. Looks great! Any pointers to some documentation? I would like to know I will know how to use it before I purchase

  4. I’ve really enjoyed reading your different articles. They are so informative and interesting. This post give truly quality information. I’m definitely going to look into it. Really very useful tips are provided here. thank you so much.Keep up the good works.

  5. Hi.  
    I am tying to add a youtube video in to a header that has an image.  The image resizes to the size of screen automatically using the Headway pre-set option.   I would like the video to be central to the header image and also scale accordingly.  Is this possible with you add on?

  6. Two questions:
    1. If I used the Utility Block to put my jpg logo on the left, navigation on the right and a repeating background texture and in a block, will it still be responsive?
    2. Will I be able to style the elements in my Utility block if I create my own child theme?
    Thank you! Love Headway!

  7. I bought Utility Block, put my logo, nav and background in it for a header — I guess it’s not responsive. My nav does funky stuff in a smaller browser size. Oh well. Hope i can find a use for this block, otherwise i bought it for nothing.

    • @a_big_brick Making any website responsive is largely a manual process and to have a block magically make things responsive is waaay more complicated than it may first seem.
      When you build a block with a logo, menu and tagline for 1000px wide screen, then you view this on a 480px wide screen things will not fit… this is logical. A 300px wide logo with a menu on 1024 looks good, but on 480px wide, how is it supposed to fit by itself?
      This is true whether you add the elements manually with html and css or with a tool like the Utility Block.. after all you are trying to squeeze the same elements into a smaller space so they do their best to fit in their new smaller space.
      The UB does what it can to make things adapt but there is always a manual process to it as there will be if you did it manually.
      Please see this post for more information about this and what is in the works to try make this easier in the future.

      • @HeadwayLabs A very logical response. Okay, that makes total sense. Thanks for link – I’m not a coder but know some CSS, so I’ll try a few options. If you have any other code for repositioning elements on a smaller screen, I’ll try them! Including handling repeating background patterns. Thanks a lot.

  8. I am still waiting on a reply to my email. I bought the utility block 1 month ago and my site is still down, not even a website. Please reply.

  9. Hi I purchased the utility block but there was no link attached to my email and the download link on the thank you page is not working

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