New version of Headway Themes out – 1.6.5


Here is a list of the few bug fixes and some new features too.

Bug Fixes

  • Headway will now work properly when the WordPress system files are installed in a sub-directory.
  • Occasionally the read more links on non-featured posts (where the excerpt is shown) would link to the latest post instead of the actual post. This has been addressed.
  • Blockquotes styling via Design Editor fixed.
  • IIS/Windows MySQL compatibility.


  • Added option to Headway SEO settings to disable the SEO slug feature from removing numbers.
  • You can now exclude certain posts and categories from the WordPress feed. Categories can be excluded in the Headway Configuration panel and posts can be excluded using the post editor.
  • Caching can be disabled in the General tab in the Headway Configuration.
  • Headway module in WordPress admin has been moved above Appearance.
  • The featured leaf now uses the WordPress 2.9 post thumbnail functionality rather than custom fields.
  • A bigger version number 

Here is what one of our users said tonight in the fourms:

I’ve been using Headway personally for a couple months and as a developer for a couple weeks and the speed at which Headway gets updated and enhanced is awesome. I’m really looking forward to installing this new version.


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  1. I am considering purchasing Headway to create my website. I wondered if it was possible to create a custom background using a photographic image of my three dimensional artwork. Also, if it is possible would you be able to explain the process.
    One website that has the sort of thing I am going for
    Thanks you for your assistance 🙂
    Suzanne Del RIzzo

  2. Is Headway ready for localization?

    I would like to buy Headway, but without an easy possibility to localize it, it doesn`t make sense to me.

  3. I’m wondering if you’re going to have a mobile version as well? It’d be nice to have a theme that did that without need for a plugin…

    We have two blogs – very different uses. One for Video, ( and one for business –


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