Why I Went With Headway

Hi, I’m Nathalie Lussier, a digital strategist who turned down a job on Wall Street right out of college to work for myself.

I’ve been making web sites since I was 12 years old, but it wasn’t until I started building WordPress websites with Headway that I felt I found my groove!

Why I Went with Headway


I decided to give Headway Themes a try after using free themes for a few years. I would heavily modify the code in these free themes, and the idea of a drag and drop framework for designing a website on WordPress was too good to pass up.

I knew I wanted to make use of as many of Headway’s features in the new version of my site, and I didn’t want to spend a ton of time building the site.

After an initial design draft by my designer extraordinaire Natasha Lakos, I had Illustrator files to work from. Now it was just a matter of turning these visuals into a workable website.

How Headway’s Flexibility Led To a More Original Website


One of the things that I love the most about Headway is that you can have as many different page layouts as you can imagine.

I knew I wanted some basic one-sidebar pages for my blog, but I wanted to break out of the mold for my services page, my free training page, and my shop page.

My site relies heavily on photography, and being able to put the content and a featured photo in different spots based on the size of the image was really easy and effortless.

It also allowed me to create a site where people want to keep clicking through to the next section, because every page is original and exciting and fun.

Headway Extensions Made My Book Reviews Page Possible

Book Reviews

I used the Headway Excerpts+ addon to design a fully functional book reviews page, that looks professional and is easy for me to maintain.

I’ve been offering business book reviews on my site since I started it, and there wasn’t an easy way for me to display all the books I had reviewed.

With this add-on I was able to display all of the book covers, the title of my book reviews, and a quick way to navigate between them.

Plus, I don’t have to maintain this list, Headway’s advanced filtering mechanism just pulls all the blog posts that are tagged as book reviews!

I was also able to include the latest books on my free training page, and I’ve found that having all of my featured content on one page has been really beneficial for visitors.

I Can Still Get Geeky Within Headway

I’m a geek. I’ve got a Software Engineering degree, and I’m able to fully customize my Headway setup just the way I like it.

I feel I’m getting the best of both worlds because I can insert custom CSS code and advanced jQuery scripts… but I don’t have to code every little piece of the site.

Some of the custom coded bits include blocks with custom code for my opt-in form on the front page. I also used custom CSS to get the navigation bar colors to alternate.

I made use of custom CSS code to animate some of the rollover images throughout the site.

But for the most part, I used the configuration options that are built into Headway, and relied on blocks and formatting through the Visual Editor.

This also makes it easier for me to duplicate the look on sub-sites like my Website Checkup Tool or my members area.

Using Headway For a Members Area


I wanted to create something special for the members area where my customers go to access their training programs. With a number of products on the go, I didn’t want to force people to login at different WordPress sites…

Lo and behold, Headway came to the rescue in conjunction with a membership plugin that I knew I could use.

The result is that I can have one main login area, where people can see all of the products they’ve purchased. And when they click through to one of them, they get a different branded header that tells them where they are.

I was also able to get custom navigation bars for each of the products, and the result is that everything is branded just like I wanted, but I didn’t need to install a bunch of different themes – I’m just using a different Headway Template on each sub-page. Super easy.

The Result? Compliments Courtesy of Headway

I believe that if I had been developing this site from scratch or working with another theme framework, I wouldn’t have the fully functional and beautiful site I have today.

The day I launched the site I got a storm of compliments and they haven’t stopped coming.

I know that Headway is part of the magic, because it did all of the heavy lifting once I had a design to work from. Thanks Headway for making me look like a pro on a daily basis!

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    • @NathLussier Thank you and thank you for taking what we built and building some amazing sites.  
      We can’t wait to see what else you come up with.

    • @NathLussier Thanks for sharing, Nathalie!  
      The site looks fantastic!  Much like Grant, I’m very excited to see what you will create with Headway in the future!

  1. I am very impressed with your site.  You are trickin’ out headway in a massive way. Not only does the site look great but I am also very impressed with your online marketing savvy.  I will be studying how you put together your funnel, which I think borders on genius.  You have a huge future online…one I will be studying for sure.  Thank you for inspiring.

  2. I love what you were able to do with Headway … it is the only framework I use.  I am curious for more details on the membership area though.  Do you mind mentioning which membership plugin you used? and maybe a few more details about how you implemented it?

    • @RealDesign Yes of course! I use Infusionsoft for my email marketing and products, so I use iMember360 as the membership plugin. And how I implemented it is that each page / part of the site is a different product and then these pages have different Headway templates associated with each one.

  3. I’ve been a web developer in Dreamweaver since 2003. And subbornly refused to use WordPress due to limitation of theme customization. That is until I tried Headway 3.6. OMG. It’s a web developers tool sent from heaven. I doubt I’ll ever use Dreamweaver again. And certainly removing my Ultimatum/Genesis/Dynamik Website builder themes. They’re mediocre compared to Headway. And I frankly don’t even see need for hyped up OptimizePress 2, when you can design a OP2 page in Headway in 10 minutes. By far, Headway is officially the best tools I’ve seen.

    And trust me, I’m one of those “know it all”, who has to use every framework under the sun, until I come to the final conclusion. With Headway, you can practically design every theme you’ve ever seen on the web, and a lot easier then with any other framework, including Dreamweaver (which is supposed to be the ultimate in WYSIWYG tools, but it’s obviously not any longer).

    • Andre, thanks so much for you kind words. Glad you are finding 3.6 as amazing as I do too. All of us here at Headway can’t wait to get it pushed out to the entire world very soon.

    • Andre I was really interested to see your comment about Genesis/Dynamik framework. I’ve stuck with Dynamik from way back in the days it’s predecessor was called Frugal, then it was upgraded and called Catalyst/Dynamik. Now I’ve been forced to go through another learning curve as they have decided to only support the Genesis/Dynamik platform, and with inadequate documentation I’m trying to figure out how to do things I knew I could achieve with Catalyst. As it’s gotten more difficult, time-consuming, unintuitive and far less pleasurable to work with I’ve been searching for an alternative. I decided to check out Headway after seeing how far beyond all other competitors (including Dynamik) it was in the performance trials that Chris Lema conducted. I really appreciate you taking the time to voice your opinion on Headway compared to Genesis/Dynamik, after having used both frameworks. I think that was the last thing I needed to convince me to toss in my loyalty to a framework which is no longer serving me. Thank you!

  4. I just found out about
    Nathalie and her “Websites Made Easy” course which I plan to purchase. I’ve done a lot of “research” about the best way to design & build my blog…my degree is in graphic design but I have NO web experience at all. Based on her rave reviews I’m going with Headway. Can’t wait to dive in!!!

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