Why You Should Have A Blog

imgresFor many, the one question they ask often is “why should I do a blog in the first place?” In all seriousness, before you start a blog, that is a question you have to ask.

Let me put to rest right now some of the information out there.

  1. Blogging takes time. Yes it does. If anyone is telling you that blogging does not take a good time commitment on your part, they are blowing smoke up your backside. Sure, you can have a blog built. Put up some canned content. Post to your blog once or twice a month or even less and never do anything else with your blog. Just like you can start out on a trip in your car, put gas in it once and never touch it. But what happens to your trip when your car runs out of gas. You are going no where. The same will happen to your blog if you don’t put the time and effort into doing it and doing it right.
  2. Blogging is easy. Yes it is. It is easy if that is all you have to do with your time during your day. But, chances are you are running a business or a professional service firm and you don’t have the entire day to devote to blogging, let alone marketing. However, you do have the time to make it as easy as you want. You do have time to spend some of your day marketing. When we look at the time blogging takes and whether it is easy or not, you need to look at your day and pin point one or two activities you do during your day which are not giving you any return on your investment (ROI). I will bet you dollars to donuts, there is something you are doing which you don’t need to be doing. and I will bet you, that time could be used for making blogging an easy activity for you to do during your day.
  3. Blogging will get me results. It will if you take the time to do it right. In other words, give blogging the commitment it requires. Blogging for a business is only one aspect of a good marketing program. And blogging will get results. In fact, those businesses who have a blog get more leads and get more business.

Why Should I Blog

The answer to that question is in the facts.

Keep in mind that a blog is simply a website that the blogger can add content to as often as they want. And one little bit of factoid too many forget about all that content is this. Each and every one of those blog post you are doing are actually individual web pages with all of your information on them. And each of the pages is one more opportunity for the search engines to find you and one more way for web users to find you. The more pages you have online, the more pages you will have indexed by Google. The more pages you have indexed by Google, the more leads you have the chance to generate.

The relationship between the number of pages you have indexed and the number of leads generated takes a drastic jump when a business has over 300 pages on their site. Take a look at the graph below if you don’t believe me.


Growth in leads accelerates significantly once a site achieves several hundred pages indexed by Google (300+).

Even more important, the more pages you have containing relevant and useful information, the better chance you have to attack and keep readers.  Remember, our goal is to turn those readers into customers.

Isn’t it true that the purpose of any marketing program is to generate leads? Isn’t it also true, the more leads you generate, the more sales you should generate? And, if you are generating a new web page each and every time you post to your blog, doesn’t it make sense that you should be blogging?

What can a blog do for my online marketing presence?

  • Adding post/pages to your blog can be done easier and faster than you can do on a static website
  • As a business, you can create your own unique, target specific content. And you can add those keywords you need to be found too.
  • Other bloggers will link to you in their own relevant post which will show Google you have authority in your particular niche or market.
  • Posting to a blog on a regular, consistent basis gives visitors a reason to come back and interact with you and your business.
  • Posting to a blog on a regular, consistent basis helps to build your position in your niche or market as the go to location for information your readers can use to deal with problems and issues.
  • Blogging gives you the tools you need to gain visitors to your site.
  • Blogging gives you a way to gain readers of the information you have and which you are making available via your blog
  • Blogging gives you and your customers and potential customers a way to communicate and connect
  • Blogging gives you a way to build trust with the people who are visiting your blog and this in turn will help you grow your business.

But, aren’t there to many blogs already?

Easy answer to that one is this. There is always room for another good one. But, let’s look at some numbers.

As of December 31st, 2013, there were 7.1 billion people living on our little old planet known as earth. Out of that 7.1 billion, there are 2.8 billion using the internet. Now tell me this, what percentage of that 2.8 billion internet users do you need to have a successful blog readership? Not a huge percentage, do you? [Source]

And while you are pondering the idea of doing a blog, think about this too.  According to research published in July, 2013, 81% do research online before making major purchases.  What this means to you is very clear.  People go online to research.  Why not be one of the places they go to do that research and then make that purchase of goods or services?

But, there are already blogs in my particular niche or market.

Knee jerk answer coming.


If you were afraid of a little competition, would you have your own business in the first place?

Two big pieces of news for you:

1. Competition validates you.

2. There are over 7 billion people in the world.

And one more point about competition. If you were to build a new fast food restaurant, where would you build it? If you were smart, you would build it right next to a McDonalds. In other words, competition is good.

Final Thoughts

Ask yourself the question as to whether you should be blogging or not. Take a good honest look at your own situation and you decide if you can give blogging the time commitment it does require. And look at what blogging could do for you. Only you can decide if you should be blogging or not.

Just in case you missed it.  Jamie did a post recently on how to set up a static page and a blog page with Headway and WordPress.

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