Will there be updates for Headway Themes? #headwaywp

Headway Themes - Affiliate Program.jpgWe have been getting a lot of questions lately concerning whether there will be any updates for Headway soon. In an effort to answer some of these questions, I decided to do a brief post.

  • Will there be an update for Headway? Absolutely!
  • When will there be an update for Headway? No date set in stone, yet, but it will be as soon as possible keeping in mind that everything has to be ready for “prime time.” We’re not going to divulge any information about dates right now.
  • Are you working on an update for Headway? Yes, and if we weren’t, wouldn’t our users be just a bit disappointed? We feel it is our responsibility to respond to our users’ suggestions for improvements. And Clay, who is the brains behind Headway is not going to stop with v1.0 While we feel v1.0 is amazing as do our users, we will always look for ways to make it easier to use and even better at what it does. We can say with confidence the next version will be killer.
  • Will there be a cost for updates to Headway if I already own a license? No, your license entitles you to free lifetime upgrades.
  • Will those with a developer license being given a chance to try any beta versions early? Yes. And let me expand on this. We are assuming those with a developer’s license may be more advanced in their ability with designing and using code. Because we want to push out the best possible updates we can and because we want to make sure they work just like they should. We will give these advanced users the opportunity to try to break things. Beta means just that beta. It is not the final version the personal license users will get. Nor is it the final version the developers will get. It would be irresponsible of us to give a beta version to someone who is not more advanced in their design abilities. Heck, Clay won’t even give me a beta version to play with.
  • If I were to upgrade to the Developer version now, would I get any beta coming out? Yes, but let me give you a caution. Please don’t purchase the developer license just to get any betas coming out if you aren’t sure you have the skills and/or patience to work with a beta. We want you to be 100% happy with your user experience. If you haven’t received any information about a beta yet, that’s because the next version isn’t ready for beta.

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  1. Hi! Found this theme searching the web for the best premium themes out there. Just one question before iยดll buy. Do you have any experience with this theme together with SlideshowPro – and will i be able to find some help about this in your forum? Thanks in advance.

  2. Hello,

    I would like to ask whether you are planning some export/import feauture for the settings. Will all the settings remain unchanged (the same) after the upgrade to a new version? (I don’t know if I should wait for the new release or I can buy it now and customize it and when the time comes I will have no problems with upgrading to the new version preserving all the customizations)

    Could you briefly list the new features and what will be changed in the next version, please? I am really looking forward. Keep the good work ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • We are planning on integrating a import/export utility, but it’ll be after the next update. As far as upgrading, it is our goal to make everything as seamless as possible. However, the next upgrade changes so much data-wise, there might be a few things that will be wishy-washy, but we will try to get a script perfected to transfer all of the data.

      As far as describing the next update… It’s a secret ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Grant, hey, it’s Devin Best. We talked way back when, in the days of HomeOfficeWebTools.com.

    Anyway, I really like what I see with Headway. I’m curious…if I purchase the $87 version, can I upgrade later to the developer version?

    I’d like to deploy and test everything, and if I am as impressed as I am with Thesis, I’d upgrade very quicky.

    Your thoughts?



  4. Well, hello.

    I purchased Headway a couple of hours ago, and I must say that I’m very disappointed.
    How come it took me so long to discover such an amazing theme…!?!?!? ๐Ÿ˜€

    I LOVE IT!!
    I know NO CSS, or HTML, or PHP, or any of that. Or at least no more than “cut this from here” and “paste that there”.
    I was looking for a minimalist looking, clean, and customizable theme.
    I found it!!! Hallelujah!!!
    I can’t wait for the updates and SKINS !!!

    Thanks for such a good theme ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi. As this thread is several months old, I would like to confirm that the free upgrade for life still applies, today May 2010. I don’t believe I saw it mentioned on any of more recent promo pages. Thanks!

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